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      • Whose the best

        Whose the best

        21 months ago

        All American women are cute, lovely and sexy, buy we must vote a winner between the two finalists.California Girls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmIsdMWzdaECarolina Girls? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgkO7XGUJyA

      • CARS vs REM

        CARS vs REM

        5 years ago

        Which band meant more to you with their musical style, music songs or concerts : The Cars, or REM?

      • philosophy


        5 years ago

        Who are We, Where are We, What is Reality?

      • Comment Posts

        Comment Posts

        5 years ago

        Why aren't comments to hubs and replies showing up on Home page feed- settings haven't been changed?

      • Broken Links

        Broken Links

        6 years ago

        What could cause a broken link warning on a hub that has no links, and videos that are still functioning properly?

      • Lion cub

        Lion cub

        6 years ago

        A Lion cub becomes hopelessly separated from the pride. Should the cub be assisted by placing it nearer the pride or not?

      • View Stats

        View Stats

        6 years ago

        Is anyone still having problems with stuck view stats?

      • Hub Votes

        Hub Votes

        6 years ago

        The up/down votes on my computer are visible after a choice has been made until the next. Over time I've noticed an entire category voted down in a very short period of time. Today all 6 or 7 hubs in the history...

      • hub comments

        hub comments

        6 years ago

        I'll swallow a man's aversion on asking for directions: what needs to be done so when comments come in on a hub one doesn't have to go to the hub to give a reply. Every time one is answered it knocks the previous one...

      • Suggest Links

        Suggest Links

        6 years ago

        How do you remove links in a Hub text?

      • Hub Traffic

        Hub Traffic

        6 years ago

        Is there a way to manually load hub urls to Bing?

      • Criss Angel

        Criss Angel

        6 years ago

        Do you believe Criss Angel has extra-normal powers or not?

      • links


        6 years ago

        when clicking on broken links: bad links by userld appearswhen clicking on malicious links:malware by userld appears

      • links


        6 years ago

        OK, before when I'd click on malicious and broken links it would simply say none found. Now it's saying in upper left corner in M. Malware links by userld and on B. broken links by userld. Anything to worry about?

      • no traffic

        no traffic

        6 years ago

        noticed no traffic today, on malicious links in upper left corner it says 'malnare links by userld' and on broken links it says'bad links by userld' ?

      • Accolades


        6 years ago

        How long before accolade for 1000 page reads shows up on profile?

      • Hub groupings

        Hub groupings

        6 years ago

        How do you transfer your hub groupings to your my profile site?

      • Animal reactions

        Animal reactions

        6 years ago

        Why do you think animals sense paranormal and ufo activities first?

      • re-animation


        6 years ago

        has anyone had a beloved pet seemingly cease life and then return even if only briefly?