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I’m a writer, just doing my best to string together groups of words that make sense. I write articles about things that are interesting to me, and possibly to you too. I've walked many roads in my life, and here on HubPages I try to share what I've learned along the way.

Some of my favorite topics:

Fisk Keeping: I have decades of experience with freshwater aquariums, everything from peaceful community tanks, to cichlid tanks to puffer tanks. I try to pass on what I’ve learned and serve as an advocate for responsible fish keeping.

Birding and Nature: I’ll admit it; I’m a bird geek. I’m fascinated by their behaviors and love the color they add to the world around us. Birds are often the subject of my photography as well. I consider myself a student of nature, and enjoy learning new things.

Sports and Fitness: I’ve always loved sports. I was a three-sport letterman in high school, and even went on to play a little college football. Today I lift weights and continue to explore ways to improve my quality of life through fitness and sport.

Art and Photography: I was once a pretty serious artist, but those days are long gone. Today I enjoy photography and vector graphic design. I don’t know that I’m any good at it, but it’s a lot of fun. I try to incorporate my images in my articles whenever I can.

History and Science: I love history, anthropology and archeology, and visiting places where important or interesting things happened. Science is a little more elusive to me, but I’m still keenly fascinated by things like biology and space exploration.

Paranormal: You know, Bigfoot and UFOs and ghosts and whatnot. I’ll admit to having a skeptical mind about much of it, but I also like to ponder “what if”.

Life: From cruising, to recipes, to home repair and gardening, to products reviews and gift ideas, I like to share what I’ve discovered living this crazy life of mine.

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