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Darude Takes Electronic Music by Storm

Updated on February 27, 2018
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Kenna has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years, promoting special events with musicians, celebrities, and dignitaries.


Darude Rename is Ville Virtanen

Darude is from Hinnerjoki, Finnland, and his real name is Ville Virtanen. If you watch his electronic-music videos, you can see the energy he effuses. It totally explains how he sold well over 5 million electronic music produced records and he is a top producer and international DJ with multi-platinum awards. His sound is unique, clean, and upbeat. You can immediately identify his music because for over 20 years he influenced artists and the dance scene.

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Education of Life and Electronic Music

Reportedly, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he relocated his family but does major traveling around the world playing at top venues like Groove Cruise and Tomorrowland. Darude feeds off his experiences in life to make electronic music programs, though he’s never been in a real sandstorm. He talks with the media about his travels and encounters that he considers his education of life.

He told, “Personally I would love to work more with other people in the studio and get stuff done or started that way, and I do that from time to time, but I am more comfortable first working on something on my own for a while, to get some basic ideas, sounds or beats done, and then present them to the collaborator(s), so that I don’t have to squeeze out anything under pressure.”

Born on the 20 year anniversary of the opening of Disneyland Park, yet ironically enough, one of his songs (Sandstorm) is played at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

— IMDb

Long Career

Darude’s success has been long, as equally a live performer and club DJ. Mostly, topping the charts is what has drawn praise. He creates and knows how to produce electronic music albums and remixes singles such as ATB feat. Other extraordinary tracks include Thrillseekers and The Fields of Love. Every electronic music production has earned him esteems from industry leaders.

Anyone in the industry that has talked with Darude about his livelihood, Sandstorm comes up as one of his utmost dance tracks. The track continues to stand out and never dulls the dance floor or workout session.

I am amazed he hasn't started his own electronic music production school because his following of upstarts are so passionate about how to make electronic music - the way Darude makes electronic music.


Electronic Music Maker

Dave Pearce interviewed Darude about 10 years ago. They talked about the beginning of his electronic music career. He always appreciated dance music. When he reached 19-20 years old he decided to become an electronic music maker and produce his own music by creating with free shareware on his computer. He had aspirations of DJs playing his tracks while hanging back to see the dancer floor reaction. He never thought of himself as an electronic music maker and had a bigger potential.

He’s past bigger potential. He is here to stay and plays it big, clean, upbeat, and electrifying without ever letting his audience or dance floor down. Darude released an album in 2013 called Moments with the main song called Beautiful Alien, which hit number one on the Finnish charts. He toured the world and hit quite a few electronic music festivals and venues in Canada and America.

Currently, he’s traveling the world on his Surrender Tour coinciding with the release of Surrender with Ashley Wallbridge.

Best School for Electronic Music Production

Studying Darude like other masters of electronic music is like going to the best school for electronic music production. When Darude hit the scene, electronic music was new and schools were not even formed yet. He is a self-taught electronic music maker and following his career will teach upstarts the what, where, when, and how of the industry.

I recommend you visit his Facebook page and catch his next tour.

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