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Review The Haunted Debut Album Called "The Haunted" One of the Heaviest Thrash Metal Albums Ever

Updated on March 3, 2018

A Photo of the former The Haunted Vocalist Peter Dolving

Peter Dolving who was the vocalist in The Haunted from 1996 through 1999 and from 2003 through 2012 provided harsh shouts and gave a sort of identity to the band. He was a very good fit for this group.
Peter Dolving who was the vocalist in The Haunted from 1996 through 1999 and from 2003 through 2012 provided harsh shouts and gave a sort of identity to the band. He was a very good fit for this group.

Peter Dolving the Main Vocalist for This Album Has One Very Loud Voice

Gothenburg Sweden’s groovy thrash and death metal band The Haunted set the highest mark for heaviness and brutality with their self-titled debut called The Haunted. Peter Dolving has vocals so loud and terrifying that he even beats vocalist Sami Halme of St. Hood. This may be the heaviest thrash metal album that some of you may hear and there are two main reasons for this:

Why is The Haunted One of the Heaviest Thrash Metal Albums Ever?

1. The loud, harsh vocals of Peter Dolving

2. The riffs in the songs which are relentless

The Song In Vein is a Great Example of Why Swedish Metal Bands Are So Great

The band’s musical style in this debut resembles Slayer and even there is a little Sepultura influence in the song called Chasm with a little tapping part. The Haunted was formed following the disbandment of the band At the Gates. Peter Dolving may actually be a rougher version of Phil Anselmo and he shows this on the song called In Vein. In Vein is the first song that I ever heard from these guys and I was immediately impressed. I’ve listened to so many Swedish bands and have yet to discover a Swedish band that is bad. Sweden absolutely makes the United States look like an amateur when it comes to heavy metal! Swedish metal bands usually have good vocals, great technique, terrific songs, and they just know how to get it done in heavy metal.

Introduction to Why the Album is So Influential to Scandinavian Heavy Metal

If the 1980’s was this sort of golden age for heavy metal for the United States and the UK, in the 1990’s the Scandinavian nations established their excellence in the heavy metal genre and they have dominated well into the 2000’s and 2010’s. Even in 1998, Sweden was still a strong country for heavy metal. Why is this the case?

The Song called In Vein

The Release of So many Solid Heavy Metal Albums is the Reason

This is because this country (Sweden) had released melodic albums such as The Gallery by Dark Tranquillity and The Jester Race by In Flames and they have just continued this tradition of excellence.

The Haunted debut album adds to this Swedish tradition of excellent works in thrash metal as well.

Who Are "The Haunted"?

The Haunted is a band that for this self-titled debut had the following members:

Peter Dolving

Anders Bjorler

Patrik Jensen

Jonas Bjorler

Adrian Erlandsson

For this album the band was under contract with the British record label Earache Records.

The Haunted: a Brief Review of the Album and its Musical Influences

In the song Undead, the lead guitar is influenced by Kerry King of the band Slayer. The song Choke Hold has a bit of a Cannibal Corpse influence in the guitar playing. The song called Three Times is a song about what can happen to someone who commits a crime three times. When the offense is so severe, the punishment must also fit the crime. The first few notes of the song sound like Megadeth’s song Hook in Mouth. Peter Dolving’s harsh shouts are pretty good evidence that The Haunted are one of the heaviest thrash bands ever to play in the music business. The song called Now You Know is a song about what can happen if you live a life of lies you will be nothing good, yet that is what happens to some people as they lose hope. The next song called Shattered is just a straight ahead brutal thrash song that once again has a Sepultura influence. For those of you that remember the song Desperate Cry you will remember that tapping part. Peter Dolving whispers the word shattered as the song gets heavy again. The question that should be asked as we near the end of this album is how much heavier can this band get as Peter’s vocals rise even higher in the song called Soul Fracture. The song called Forensick is a song that really criticizes the mainstream media for its coverage of the news because there is so much dedication to violence. It is a common assumption that this type of news really sells. The song is just spoken narration about the flaws of the news media.

The Song Called Undead

The Haunted May be a Thrash Metal Gem That Deserves Major Praise

For those of you that may be wondering whether this album can be considered a thrash metal gem it comes pretty close to that, near the level of Kreator’s Enemy of God though Kreator is more melodic while The Haunted is a band that is louder, faster, and heavier. The Haunted’s debut album gets a very solid 92 out of 100 points however, they still cannot quite match Finland’s St, Hood.

The song called Three Times

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The Song Called Chasm

The Vocalist That Replaced Peter Dolving

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