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Review of the Album "Blackout" by German Hard Rock Band Scorpions

Updated on February 15, 2018

The Album Cover for Blackout

The Song Blackout Starts Off What is a Very Solid Hard Rock Album

Blackout is the very good 1982 album by German hard rock veterans Scorpions. The title track describes someone that does not recognize his face or where he was the night before. He says that he is too wrecked to care. As the chorus by Klaus Meine says: “Blackout, I really had a blackout” as we hear the sound of shattered glass.

About the Song Can't Live Without You

Can’t Live Without You is a very catchy rock song about standing in front of a band and getting ready to rock and roll all throughout the night. This is an example of a very high energy kind of album that you can enjoy during a party.

No One Like You: a Classic Love Song

Then comes the classic love song called No One like You. When a man is separated from his lover due to work obligations, distance, or other reasons, he really misses his girlfriend or lover. As the chorus mentions, there is no one like the one that the man loves. He cannot wait to spend every night with her and he always thinks about the things that they can do together. He wants to be loved by her. As Klaus Meine says so emphatically “I just wanna be loved by you!” Human beings need to be loved and cared for right?

No One Like You

The Band Has Not Really Declined Musically at All

One interesting quality about Scorpions at least that I’ve discovered is that in spite of the fact that they have hardly deviated from their hard rock roots that has not really hurt them at least musically. The same band that has written songs such as “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” “Animal Magnetism,” and “Lonely Nights” has excelled at hard rock since the start of their career. Their love songs are especially catchy and memorable.

Blackout Also Has Themes of Love, Partying, and Peace

The love theme continues in the next song called You Give Me All I Need. Sometimes we are convinced that there is another chance of love with the person that we care about the most even if we see her around other men. Dynamite is a song about making sure that your date can have a great time as the dancing continues and the object of our affection is made to feel at ease. Sometimes the feeling is that the man wants to have fun now rather than never. He wants to have a special night with her but also make sure that you enjoy your life responsibly. China White is a song that really emphasizes the need for humans around the world to have love in their hearts and spread it around. Much has changed as there is evil and lots of senseless wars have started. The more love that humans give, the more love that they will find. This is a principle that exists in the Law of Attraction. One constant them in the album Blackout is the feeling of love in addition to lyrics about partying.

Can't Live Without You

Final Thoughts About the Album Blackout

Overall, Blackout is a very solid album by this amazing German hard rock band that has been active since 1964 and at this rate, they will pass the amount of years that bands such as The Rolling Stones have been active and they have already passed Black Sabbath in terms of years playing music. Is Germany a great country for hard rock and heavy metal? Of course it is!

Blackout (Song)

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