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Kids Boo Boo Ice Packs

Updated on June 30, 2012

Little kids fall down and scrape their knees all the time. Sometimes a kiss is all it takes to make it better... sometimes a few cartoons... sometimes some candy.... and other times it takes a bit of ice. Unfortunately, Grown-Up ice packs are pretty ugly, and little kids aren't keen to use them. I mean, come on... did you like sticking those igloo blocks on your shin when you were a kid? Yeah, me neither. I don't actually remember these particular boo boo ice packs being around back then, but I suppose they may have been. Most importantly, they're around now, and they're pretty darned cheap! Take a look at the models below and you're sure to find something your kids will love. If you need a replacement cube, they make those as well!

Flower Boo Bunnie Ice Pack

This Flower Boo Bunnie Ice Pack from Stephan's Baby is so cute! I want one! I love it! That, and they're gorgeously made for something so incredibly affordable. Every little girl should have one of these for when she gets a boo boo.

Blue Blocks Boo Bunnie Ice Pack

Just like the one you see above, this Blue Blocks Boo Bunnie ice pack from Stephan's Baby is something any little kid would love, whether they have a boo boo or not. Gorgeous and plush -- but still cool enough for the little man.

Frosty Bear Hot/Cold Packs

This is a set of 4, you get one Frosty Bear Hot/Cold Pack in each color. Are they not adorable?? I'd have loved these when I was a kid. I'd probably have insisted on using them all at the same time! If you've got more than one kid, this may be the way to go, which each having their own Frosty Bear!

Football Boo Boo Buddy

Got a future NFL player in the house? What little boy wouldn't love this ice pack? It's cool, blue and shaped like a football! Perfect for taking along to practice, or just storing it away in your home freezer. Don't be surprised if he wants to play with it when he's perfectly fine!

Elmo Cold Pack

Got an Elmo lover at home? Wouldn't be surprising, given how many kids lurve Elmo! This cute little cold pack is the perfect boo boo helper for toddlers and older children who need more than just a kiss to make a boo boo better.


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