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Baby Animals Minecraft Mod

Updated on April 10, 2011

Puppies! Chicks! Calves! Lambs! The Baby Animals minecraft mod does what it says on the box and adds baby animals to your Minecraft life. But that's not all. Not only will you be able to enjoy the sight of juvenile animals gamboling across your world, you'll also be able to tame them and have them be your close animal friends – or tame bacon supply, whichever works best for you.

Keeping Baby Animals As Pets

You can keep your very own baby Minecraft animals by taming them with wheat. Baby animals who are tamed will not despawn, but they will still wander off because their brains aren't very well developed yet, so you'll need to keep them in a pen or enclosure of some kind. If you get sick of your baby animal and decide to release it into the wild, you can do so by feeding it cactus green.

If a tamed baby animal has wandered off and you find it again, you can lure it back to its pen by feeding it seeds, which will make it follow you. Be aware that if you get too far away and your baby animal loses sight of you, it will go back to wandering around like a nomad.

Baby animals can be persuaded to follow you with seeds, but if you feel they're getting too clingy, or they've gone far enough and you don't want them following you anymore, a simple right click will make them stop following.

Providing Medical Treatment For Your Baby Animals

If your baby animal is harmed in any way, or gets sick, you can restore their health using glowstone dust. This means you'll need access to glowstone, which is only found in the Nether (or the inventory editing program you best prefer.)

Getting Baby Animals To Grow Up

Once you've tamed a baby animal, feeding it cake will make it grow up instantly. It will still be tame as an adult. In fact, it will be so tame that even feeding it cactus green won't make it go wild again. A tame adult animal is a pet for life.

Adult Baby Animals

Tamed adults behave in much the same way they did when they were babies. Seeds will make them follow you, a right click will make them stop following. Glowstone dust will heal their ills.

Breeding Minecraft Animals

If you think it is time that your tame adult experienced the joys of parenthood, feed it some cake. Within five days they will spawn a baby animal of their very own.

Special Actions

Raising baby animals to be tamed adults is worthwhile because of the rewards that come with their adult states. For instance, feeding a tame adult chicken some glowstone dust will make them spawn an egg. Huzzah! Enough eggs for a life time! And as for sheep, well, feeding glowstone dust to a sheep will make them regrow their wool, which means you won't have to roam all over the countryside looking for sheep to punch anymore.

Download the Minecraft Baby Animals Mod!


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