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World of Warcraft: 8 Hints and Tips for Beginners

Updated on February 21, 2018
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Alexa has been playing wow since classic vanilla. Now she's maining a blood elf priest and waiting for the next expansion to arrive.


About the much awaited Battle for Azeroth Expansion

Blizzard announced a new World of Warcraft expansion at BlizzCon 2017. The expansion is called Battle for Azeroth and the theme revolves around the war between the Alliance and the Horde. A testing phase is due to begin soon, but you can already pre-order your game and try the new races in your wow legion setting.

The expansion will focus on the effects of the long war between the two factions. Apparently, the tension between them reaches a peak.

Some new content the expansion will feature:

  • 5 playable Allied Races, unlocked through specific quest lines
  • Maximum level increase to 120, through questing
  • 2 new continents, Zandalar and Kul Tiras , with zones and dungeons
  • A new resource: Azerite
  • Warfronts, and RTS-style game mode
  • Island Expeditions, a new pirate like scenario with a PvP option
  • Classes revamped with new talents
  • The Heart of Azeroth, an artifact necklace that upgrades gear


Tip no.1: Don't choose a new players server!

Usually new player servers are scarcely populated and usually people just transfer their character when they get the idea, after many hours spent in a lonely world, or populated only by other servers guests.

You should also avoid other low population servers and try to stick to a medium or high population one. Why is that? Because a populated server has raids and dungeons going on, more live events guests, people to PVP with, many guilds to choose from and an active Auction House where you can quickly sell your items for profitable amounts, or just buy what you need.


Tip no. 2: Don't use your level 100 boost until you know what to play!

After you buy the game, you can instantly boost one character to level 100. Don't do that right away! Wait until you have a clear idea about what every class does, you've played a few levels with every one of them and you have a favorite.

The one in the picture above is a tauren rogue. You don't want to end up with a huge stealthy beast crouching behind murlocs. Unless you do.


Tip no. 3: Don't buy armor from the auction house just yet!

Don't spend your hard earned gold on gear, while leveling! You will get the weapons and gear you need from questing and dungeons. If you buy these things from the auction house, you just throw your money away, because whatever you buy will become obsolete the moment you receive another quest item.

the world chat is down-left
the world chat is down-left | Source

Tip no. 4: Trade Chat is not just for trade

It's been just a trade chat a long time ago. Today it's a place where you can say whatever you want, be polite though. You can try to trade stuff there, but it's mostly used for conversation, so don't be afraid to say hi!

Hearthstone | Source

Tip no. 5: Set your hearthstone!

A hearthstone is a rune inscribed stone that transports you to the inn you have bound it to. Don't forget to set your hearthstone every time you reach a new questing area that has an inn! It would be extremely tedious to have a hearthstone that transports you to your starting point, or even far far away.

Use it, it's a precious tool for questing. It transports you faster and gets you out of tight situations.

tank warrior
tank warrior | Source

Tip no. 6: Let the tanks pull the mobs!

Some of the more enthusiastic players are eager to deal a lot of damage, especially on their first raids. They forget to stand back and not attract aggro and forget to let the tank do his job. Let the tanks do their job and try not to be one of those players that brings whole mob parties in the middle of the group.


Tip no. 7: Don't hurry! Take your time with the game!

Take it as easy as you wish. It's all about imagination, character customization, leveling and trying things to see what works. You can definitely rush through the whole thing, but you will miss a lot of the world content available only to quests.


Tip no. 8: Ask questions!

Don't be afraid to ask questions! For the most part, wow players are nice and willing to help new players. Feel free to ask in trade chat or in your raid group. Feel free to ask other people of your same class, to see what they say and what advice they give.


Quick overview of the roles you can play

There are 4 main roles you can play with your chosen character:

Melee Damage Dealer – Deals damage at a close range.

Range Damage Dealer – Deals damage to the enemies via ranged spells, guns, bows, thrown traps etc. This role requires a lot of moving and knowing when and how to do it.

Healer – Uses spells and abilities to keep their groups alive and healthy while they fight enemies. A good healer makes a dungeon or raid much easier.

Tank – A Tank generally leads the raids or dungeons. He must hold the bosses occupied and receive the hits and direct attacks. If the tank dies, the group dies almost immediately.


Quick overview of the 12 classes

  • Death Knight – undead minions of the Lich King, they are the powerful and plate dressed warriors . They are able to summon ghouls and infect enemies with plagues. They use a kind of rune system to upgrade their weapons and relese their power.

  • Demon Hunter – followers of Illidan Stormrage, they can steal parts of their enemies' souls to heal themselves. They are able to almost fly and change form into powerful demons.

  • Druid – The most versatile of all classes, the druid is a defender of nature. He is able to take the form of different animals and birds.

  • Hunter – The master of beasts, traps adn bows. He can tame wild animals or bosses found throughout the world to fight for him and with him.

  • Mage – A master of magic and spells. The Mage can kill his enemies with Fire, Frost, or the Arcane. They are also known as glass cannons, because despite their massive power attack, their cloth armor makes them very fragile to direct strikes.

  • Monk – Masters of martial arts, the monks can use potent brews to inflict damage, or heal their allies wounds, or harden their skin to become tanks.

  • Paladin – Warriors of the Light, they use their powerful blessings, holy powers to empower their friends. Capable of Melee damage , healing, or tanking, they are another versatile class.

  • Priest – Either serving the light or the shadow, the priest is a powerful healer or a dangerous caster.

  • Rogue – Masters of the melee combat, the rogue can be pirate, assassin, or the master of stealth.

  • Shaman – The shaman are one with the elements. They can use lava, rock, rains and lightning itself to strike his enemies, while also capable of transforming into spirits of animals to speed their travel and empower their attacks.

  • Warlock – The casters of death, corruption and demons. They draw their power form the energy of Fel and they can summon and command a horde of demons to fight for him.

  • Warrior – The classic warriors of any PC game. They use weapons and pure force to attacke their enemies or shield their friends.


Now that you know these things, let's enjoy wow together!

A WOW complete Beginners Guide

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