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Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Hydra

Updated on June 3, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Hydra

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Hydra
Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Hydra

Dragon's Dogma Defeat the Hydra

In Dragon's Dogma, the hero has challenged the dragon and has paid the price. Now newly awaken as the Arisen, the hero must find the dragon and defeat him. However, there are many obstacles and beasts to slew along the way. The hero must find the encampment outside Cassardis and embark on the rift stone quest. Once within the rift, the hero can pick pawns or companions to bring along forming a party of four. With the party of four, the hero will have to defeat the cyclops outside the encampment. Tired from this fight, the Arisen speaks to Mercedes and gets some rest. The hero has a rude awakening as a hydra attacks the encampment. This will guide the hero in using tactics to defeat the cyclops and then defeating the hydra.

Dragon's Dogma Tactics to Defeat the Cyclops in the Rift Stone Quest

When considering tactics to defeat the cyclops outside the encampment, the hero should choose his pawns carefully within the rift. For example, if the hero is a mage, he may want to choose two fighter pawns to tank him and a strider pawn to assist him with ranged bow and arrow attacks. With this party of four make-up, head outside the encampment. The cyclops will attack.

Make sure the cyclops is standing far away from the mage hero. This will prevent the mage hero from being run over by the cyclops. When damaged, the mage hero should run away from the cyclops again and cast the Anodyne spell.

The strider pawn will attack the cyclops with ranged weapons. The two fighters will attack the cyclops from close range. If the hero had not displaced Rook in the rift with another fighter pawn, then Rook will tell the hero that he has gotten the leg of the cyclops, and will cripple the cyclops this way. As Rook is busy doing this, prepare the Ingle provocation spell. Launch this fire spell repeatedly at the cyclops and especially when the cyclops goes down on one knee. Or use light attack on the cyclops again and again. The cyclops will be defeated.

Dragon's Dogma Tactics to Defeat the Hydra in A Rude Awakening Quest

The hero and his party will be exhausted after defeating the hydra. Head inside the encampment and speak to Mercedes the encampment commander. She will recommend that the hero rests. Rest up. However, this rest is short-lived as the hero is rudely awakened by the hydra.

The hydra smashes through the encampment and attacks the hero. The hero should focus on one head of the hydra and attempt to attack the head. Not long into battle, the hero and his party realize that the hydra's skin appears impregnable if attacked from the ground. The hero must climb onto the neck of the hydra and chop off the neck. There is no need for stealth and subtly here. Simply run forwards and grab the hydra's neck. Climb up the hydra's neck until the hero is near the top. Keep attacking the hydra's neck until it falls to the ground. The hydra will be defeated.

It's time to ship the hydra's head to the capital.


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