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The Benefits of Exercise and Your Appearance

Updated on February 21, 2016

Just Be Fit

Ever had a last minute vacation? An unexpected guest call to let you know they'll be in town next week? A blind date you didn't know you were going to have? What about being invited to a party that was just thrown together? Did it make you panic over what you look like and the impression you'll make? Did this scenario make you feel rushed and desperate to do whatever you had to do to look the way you wanted to look regardless of how unhealthy or dangerous it was just to make the impression you wanted to make?

I bring this up because I've been there. We all have these situations. Something comes up (i.e., an event, reunion, party) and you feel less than satisfied with your appearance. I know most of you have experienced this. It's quite common, and this is where crash dieting, unsafe exercise programs, starvation, diet pills and other insane methods of weight loss become your reality.

Try this. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine this scenario. You're going along in life, feeling self-conscious about your weight, but not terribly motivated to do anything about it. One day one of your best friends calls you to invite you to a last minute Vegas vacation with several other buddies. There will be days spent scantily clad at the pool, nights spent dancing, gambling and partying in sexy evening clothes and many good looking people around to check out. Do you feel confident enough to pack whatever you have and know you'll look the way you want or are you panicked because there is weight to lose and toning to do before this otherwise exciting event?

Have I gotten your attention yet?

What drives our actions under these circumstances?

I could go on and on about the health benefits of being fit and I will in another article. This article is about vanity. Plain and simple. Sex appeal, dateability, attractiveness...this is what typically drives us to want to be slim. This is why we consume 600 calories a day, eat only meat and cheese and hang out in saunas for hours at a time to make sure we look the way we want for the occasion about to occur as quickly (and dangerously) as possible. The truth is, last minute situations occur often, and they can induce stress when we don't feel confident.

We have become a society of instant gratification.

In this world of fast food, the internet and immediate credit, we have become accustomed to getting what we want when we want it regardless of the consequences this could create.

When rushing your body to look the way you want for unexpected situations we look for the quick fix. There is no quick fix and the ones that have been advertised over time have usually caused health problems, pulled muscles, and tendons, speedy weight gains due to destroying our metabolism and sometimes even death. When we're in a hurry for something, we tend to get desperate, and desperation can create sloppiness and negativity, and this typically leads to failure.

Live your life the way you want to present yourself at any given time.

Being fit, strong, slim and healthy is a lifestyle. It's a day by day process that requires making the right choices on a regular basis. If you eat the right foods and incorporate exercise into your life, your body has no choice but to reflect these behaviors. When you aren't in a hurry and the panic over being rushed is non-existent, you can enjoy any activity at any time.

The way to go about this is by eating foods that benefit your health every day. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, the right fats and lean proteins all play a pivotal role in how our bodies look and feel. Engage in strength training and combine this with cardio activities you enjoy. The combination of these exercises along with the right nutrition will produce a win-win outcome. You'll not only be slim, but you'll also be toned and strong. Everything looks better on a toned and healthy body.

When you live this way in general, you can enjoy your parties, vacations and even your favorite foods in moderation and you'll never feel deprived. When you aren't rushed, your mind and your body have the time they need to adapt to the healthy lifestyle behaviors on the inside and will reflect this in the healthiest and most permanent ways possible on the outside as well. Your appearance will always be a source of pride and excitement.

Be healthy on the inside and it will reflect in your appearance...period.

Our bodies are designed to be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Get fit and healthy starting now. Don't wait for the event to show up. The next time your best friend calls you about that vacation happening next week, imagine getting excited to be able to pack anything you want since you already look amazing! It will be fun to pick out your clothes and visualize yourself having an awesome time. In addition to that, you'll have the stamina to keep up with all the activities planned because your energy levels will be unstoppable. You look this way and feel this way because you live this way. Everyday.

Doesn't it make sense just to be fit and healthy anyway? Have I convinced you yet?


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      11 years ago

      Nice work!


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