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Gift Ideas for Bike Riders

Updated on October 16, 2013

Shopping for a Bike Lover?

Need a little help? We've found many new gadgets and accessories this year that will make a bike ride more stylish, comfortable, and safe. This Gift Guide for Bike Riders is a compilation of gift ideas any bike rider would love; they're divided into the following categories:




Bike Bags

Bike Gifts with Safety in Mind - Watch out! It's a mean ride sometimes.

Gift Ideas with Safety in Mind

1. Helmet - Many municipalities mandate helmet use. A helmet is the essential safety item you need. Come on, get helmet hair with the rest of us.

2. Mirror - Just as in cars, mirrors are an important part of biking. The convex lens gives you a wide angle view of the road or trail behind you without turning your head away. If you ride a road bike you might prefer an end of the bar mounted mirror such as Sprintech Road Bicycle Drop Bar Mirror. Some prefer a helmet-mounted style:Third Eye Foam Helmet Mount Bicycle Mirror.

For hybrids and mountain bikes, the choice mirror is the Mirrycle Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror. It's a favorite because it stays in place no matter how bumpy the ride. Mirrors are a great addition to a bike and come in handy for checking for bugs in your teeth.

3. Lights - The first time you go out on a long ride and misjudge sunset time, you'll wish you had a light. A good choice is the Bell Dawn Patrol LED Headlight. With a light as bright as a halogen and the added feature of a blinker, you can't go wrong.

If you don't want to clutter up your bike, you may want to carry an easy snap on light such as Planet Bike Beamer LED Light with Quick Cam Bracket Mount. It's small enough to fit in your bike pack and snaps on quickly.

Helmet mounted lights are great for peaking around bends. A good one to try is the Planet Bike Blinky Helmet Mount.

4. Bell - Now not everyone is going to want a bell, but don't knock them. A bell is a polite way to warn pedestrians, joggers and slower riders that you tend to pass, and the sound of the bell is more readily detected than a voice. The Mirrycle Incredibell Bell has a pleasant ring. For a more discreet look, try a bell that's mounted to the end of your handle bar, such as the Mirrycle Incredibell Bar End Bell. The bell is conveniently hidden in the handle.

5. Lock - This is to keep your investment safe. Nothing is stronger that kryptonite, right? The best selling bike lock is the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit U-Lock

If you want a lock that is less pricey, try the letter combination lock, WordLock . If you have trouble remembering random numbers, this is a great lock for you: BIKE can be your password.

Top Picks for Gifts with Safety in Mind

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror , Black
Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bicycle Mirror , Black
When selecting a mirror, make sure it's one that will not have to be readjusted after every bump in the road because that's just annoying and not safe. This mirror is a favorite with mountain bike riders because it keeps its position once set.
LUMINA 200 Headlight Black
LUMINA 200 Headlight Black
Bikers love this light because it's brighter than most. It's easy to snap on and very lightweight. This light also has a blinking feature. It easily snaps out of mount to be used as flashlight.
Mirrycle Incredibell Bar End Bicycle Bell (Brass)
Mirrycle Incredibell Bar End Bicycle Bell (Brass)
This discreet bell is very handy for warning others while riding mixed use paths. Path walkers and joggers often detect the sound of a bell over a voice, making this a safe choice. Since this bell is installed right into the bar, you don't have to worry about cluttering up your bike.
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock Bike Lock
This bike lock was designed with New York bike riders in mind; the city with the largest per capita bike theft. It is the top of the line for bike locks. It's heavy duty and comes with an anti-theft protection coverage up to $4500. The lock is heavy at just under 5lbs and takes some practice locking up due to its small radius.
Planet Bike Blinky Safety bike light set
Planet Bike Blinky Safety bike light set
These small egg-size lights can be strapped onto your helmet or anywhere on your bike. They're lightweight and easy to install with velcro straps. Great to have when you misjudge the length of a ride and end up in the dark. The red blinking rear light is a great feature to make you visible and safe in the dark.

Bike Maintenance Gifts - Keep your Bike in Tip Top Shape with these Top Tools.

Bike Maintenance Gifts
Bike Maintenance Gifts

A Tire Valve Tip: Presta vs Schrader

Top Five Gifts Ideas for Bike Maintenance

1. Pump

Tires loose air quickly. Good pumps are a necessity; one for the home and a portable one for the ride such as Topeak Pocket Rocket Master Blaster Bike Pump works for Presta and Shrader valves!

For under $4 you can get the Innovations Alloy Presta to Shrader Valve Adapter to convert your Presta valve to adapt to any Schrader pump which means you can fill up your tires with a gas station air compressor.

2. Tire Gauge

Keep your tires at recommended pressure. For Schrader valves Planet Bike Dial Air Gaugeis a good buy. It's small but heavy duty.

Tire pressure gauges for Presta valves are not always easy to use due to the varying lengths for the valve stems. The AccuGage Tire Pressure Dial Gauge ( Presta Valve) has high ratings.

3. Bike Tool Kit

The Topeak Mini 18-Function Bicycle Tool is small enough to pack on a ride, but big on tools. You'll want this if you ride any distance.It's nice to have all the tools you need in one compact kit. No need to go hunting through your toolbox for the correct hex size. Great for home and for the ride. For a more compact edition, try Topeak Mini 9-Function Bicycle Tool

4. Tire Repair Kit

The Park Tool Tire & Tube Repair Kit takes up little space in your bike bag. You'll be really glad you have it when you need it; and it sure beats walking your bike.

5. Chain Cleaning Kit

Here's a bike maintenance gift you may not have thought of. Bike chains should be cleaned regularly! No one likes to do this, but you won't mind the job with Park Tool Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System You don't have to remove the chain to clean it and the cleaning solutions are self-contained. Easy, quick and efficient! I must rave about this one. If you want to see it in action, check out this YouTube video

Top Choices for Bike Maintenance:

Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump
Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump
Make sure you check your tire pressure before you go out on a ride. Here's an easy and efficient pump. It comes with a built in pressure gauge so no guessing on tire pressure. This pumps works for presta and schrader valves which means you can use it on mountain bikes, hybrids and road bikes.
Planet Bike Phil Hose CO2 bike tire inflator
Planet Bike Phil Hose CO2 bike tire inflator
It's handy to bring a pressure gauge along on long rides. This is an accurate one and comes in a handy small size.
Topeak Mini 18+, 20-Function Bike Tool, with Neoprene Case
Topeak Mini 18+, 20-Function Bike Tool, with Neoprene Case
Your bike riding friend will love this gift! Even if he already has one, it's nice to keep one in the bike bag and one at home for repairs. This kit has all the tools necessary in a small, lightweight compact pouch, much more convenient than random loose tools bumping around in a bike bag. This is the larger size, also comes in a 9 - piece kit. 18-Function contains 8 different hex keys, Phillips and straight head screwdrivers, tire lever, chain pin tool, chain tool and spoke wrenches + more.
Park Tool TR-1 Tire and Tube Repair Kit
Park Tool TR-1 Tire and Tube Repair Kit
This is a great kit to stash away in a bike bag for emergencies.
Park Tool CG-2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System
Park Tool CG-2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaning System
Chains need to be cleaned more often than we think. With this neat gadget, it's not such a chore. It 's far and above the easiest way to clean a chain. No need to remove the chain!

Top Five Gifts for Biking Comfort - Because a Good Ride is a Comfy Ride!

Top Gift Ideas for Biking Comfort

1. Seat Cover

You will love having an extra cushion on a long ride. Planet Bike Anatomic Relief Bicycle Seat Cover is an inexpensive choice and very efficient.

2. Bike Shorts - Saddle comfort is important! Bike shorts add a bit extra padding and are often made of moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics to make your ride more comfortable. There are many styles to choose from! There are even bike shorts that don't look like bike shorts, such as the Canari Men's Baggy Padded Short.

There are also special padded liners you can wear under your favorite shorts - -Canari Women's Gel Cycle Liner

3. Gloves

Bike gloves serve many purposes:

1)They provide comfort for your hands from the constant vibration of the bike.

2)They allow for a better grip of the bike & moisture-wicking elements keep your hands dry from sweat

3) They keep your hands warm in cold climates.

4) They can protect your hands in the event of a fall.

5) Brightly colored gloves bring more attention to your hand signals. There are summer-weight gloves such as Pearl Izumi Men's Select Glove and winter weight, full-fingered gloves Pearl Izumi Men's Thermal Glove

Make sure you select the proper size for your hand or the gloves will not be comfortable.

Sizing chart is below.

4. Water Bottle - No matter how far you plan to ride, always remember to hydrate. When you're looking for a water bottle, consider one with a wide mouth so you can easily add ice cubes. Another great feature is one with insulation to keep your water cool the entire ride. The Polar Insulated Water Bottle is BPA and Phthalate-free , dishwasher safe, insulated and has a wide opening - the perfect water bottle.

5. Eye Wear - You should always consider eye wear when bike riding. If you don't regularly wear glasses, try sunglasses or safety glasses. It's not easy to avoid debris from roads and trails along with insects while on a bike. Protect your eyes. If you don't want to wear sunglasses, try these: MSA Safety Works Safety Glasses

Best Bike Gifts for a Comfortable Ride:

Bike Bags

There are bags to go under the seat, around the post, over the handlebar and on a fender. Bags for phones, water bottles, dogs and shoes. Every kind of bag you might want. Every rider needs a place to keep a wallet and keys at least. A bike bag makes a great gift for your riding friend. Take a peak at his bike and see if he might need one.

Biking Tip: Don't ride off with your bike bag unzipped as in this photo! Wallet, phone and keys will all end up in the middle of the bike path; not a good thing!

Top Five Bike Bags

Topeak   TC2261B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount, Medium
Topeak  TC2261B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount, Medium
This bag fits snugly under the seat. It has room for a phone, keys, wallet, tubes and tools. It's not so large that it's an obstruction when pedaling.
Banjo Brothers Top Tube Bag
Banjo Brothers Top Tube Bag
This bag sits on the rail just before the handle bar. It's a great bag for holding your phone if you use it as GPS. (Keep in mind, though, if you crash, your phone will fly out). You can store a small sized camera for quick photos on the road. It's also a great bag for stowing power bars or map for quick and easy access.
Avenir Metro Panniers (1,380 Cubic-Inch Capacity)
Avenir Metro Panniers (1,380 Cubic-Inch Capacity)
This is a larger bag that sits behind the rider. If you use your bike for day rides this offers lots of stowing space. You can also use it for hauling groceries.

I hope you found a gift idea you like. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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