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Eyes Of An Immortal (Chapter Twelve)

Updated on November 29, 2015
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

Body Heat

Cameron returned to Kinessa with one last idea. “Sleep, we need sleep. I’m too exhausted to think clearly and you need to relax and gain all the strength you possibly can in case there is no other way out.” Kinessa could not argue with that; just from the day’s activities she felt completely wiped out, therefore a nap didn’t sound like a half bad idea. She climbed in the bed and pulled the heavy quilt up to her ears; even with the cold just outside the door she managed to keep herself warm. Kinessa pictured the warmest place she could think about; Florida. Warm sandy beaches, hot summer nights.

Sleep came easy to Kinessa after that and once she woke she grabbed her MP3 player and stepped outside the front door of the cabin under the watchful eye of Cameron just out of sight where she would not be distracted by him and began listening to the sweet tunes ring into her ears. Kinessa turned the volume up louder to drown out any outside noise and began to sway with the music. Kinessa's finger tips began to glow a golden color as she danced around in front of the cabin creating warmth from her own body, from her own happiness. She continued to glow brighter and brighter as if she were her own sun and as Cameron watched he began to understand what her father meant she had the power to break the spell; she could break the spell and she would be so involved in breaking the spell that an intruder could attack before she could defend herself. That’s where Cameron came in; he wasn’t certain of what they were up against but he was confident it wasn’t some kind of Tinker Bell fairy. So far some pretty wicked magic has showed its face.

Cameron moved around the back side of the cabin to check the wards as he caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye; whatever it was it moved fast and wasn't human. This was something that was meant to hurt them and meant to do it quick, fast and in a hurry. "I have to stop Kinessa." Cameron whispered as he took off running to the front where she was already melting through the first layer of the Icy sphere when Cameron knocked her out of her trance. Kinessa flying up with confusion until something big came at her but came to a sudden stop when Cameron's protection's spell held strong. Cameron couldn’t help but give thanks to the higher powers.

Kinessa watched the creature closely, was it a man or was it animal? Cameron read her thoughts quickly and answered. "He is both. Werewolf, we give them protection in return for their services." Kinessa couldn't believe what she was hearing but then again she could after everything that has happened. She continued to watch the beast and something began to change inside her she felt a shift of emotion inside herself, suddenly she was standing in front of the beast and he was calm. Cameron was saying something but his words were nothing more faint echoes in the background of her mind. She placed her hands upon the ice where the monster's hands lay, never taking her eyes of his; her eyes changed from a light purple to a golden yellow as did the wolves’ at the same time while this happened he began to change before her very eyes. Slowly all the greasy body hair retracted back into the skin along with dirt filled nails and what was left before her was a young man with golden eyes, dark brown hair, skin that looked as if it had seen many battles, he was tall and graceful; which explained his speed. "What's your name?" Kinessa spoke softly trying to show him she meant him no harm. He watched her for a moment longer trying to decide what she was up to but he figured either way she will be dead soon therefore he will play the cat and mouse game. "William" He smiled wicked at her. "Why are you here William?" Kinessa continued asking trying to gather clues as to what was going on. Hoping William was a typical cocky male and likes to brag about his work. "Why do you think I'm here Kinessa Suntree?" He continued to smile at the knowledge of her name. "You seem to know a lot about me William and me nothing about you that is hardly fair." Kinessa went for the sweet little girl look but it didn't pay off. "Oh my dear Kinessa you will have to do better than that, but I will give you some bonus points for effort, and a little side information. My name is William, I am 19, a werewolf, to be exact the only one left that can be found so far, and my job here is to find you and kill you, any questions?" For Kinessa there was a lot of questions but none of the answers would come from him. So she did the only thing she knew to do and that was to throw her best attitude. “Well you must not be that good if whoever hired you sent you after little ole me. Seems like a waist of talent or simply you’re just a lap dog sent the sniff out the trouble for the big dogs. Tell me something William do you get doggie treats?” She could hear him grinding his nails into the ice but kept his evil stare on her.

Kinessa stared into her predator's eyes and seen he would be the end of them if he broke through the ice and it was already thinning due to her thawing spell. She backed away slowly from the ice noticing that his claws were already pecking through. When Kinessa felt she was at a safe distance from death's door she turned and ran toward Cameron who was ready to start for the cabin. "We have to get out of here now!" Kinessa said looking for any escape for them without getting caught by Mr. Fast and furry. William morphed back into his beastly self and began clawing his way into the ice knocking chucks away as quickly as he could. He was going to show that little witch what he was really capable of.

Cameron knew they had no chance with William acting as attack dog. What worried him more was the fact that Allen Suntree had not shown yet, was he captured or is he the one making this happen? Was Kinessa’s gut feeling right? Something was making him feel this was something else not just the council trying to rid the world of one forbidden child. Cameron knew they didn't have the time here to find out he walked through the house looking for a way out when he saw something move down the hallway. "Kinessa, is that you?" He let his eyes focus on the movement. "Kinessa, where are you?" He went to take a step into the hall when he heard Kinessa voice behind him. "Cameron, what is it?"

"Something is in the house, stay close me." He started down the hallway again and they heard the sound of a breeze, it was the wall only not really a wall at all but a doorway. The vines moved to form an archway to pass through. Cameron felt a tug of magic coming from it. He knew the magic, it was connected to him as much as his own blood that ran through his veins. "Cameron quickly walks through the door." A woman's voice passed through the door. "Mom" Cameron stepped closer to the entrance. "Hurry Cameron they are coming." The voice said with urgency. Cameron wasn't sure who the enemy was at this point but he did know if they stayed they would die.

A knock comes upon the front door Kinessa automatically knew it was William coming for them. "Kinessa, I know you’re in there, I can smell you." William's laughter rang out around them as if he were standing right next to them. Cameron grabbed her hand and pulled her through the rose covered doorway as the front door came crashing down. The rose wall closed in front of them as colors whirled around them. The only thing Kinessa could compare it to being sucked into a rainbow tornado and when it all came to a stop they were standing beside Cameron's car. "What was that?" Kinessa asked but didn't stop to think about anything else as she jumped in the passenger seat. Cameron slammed the door shut and cranked the car and threw it into drive; he knew William would figure out what happened and be on them in no time. Kinessa watched for any signs of them being followed but none had showed. However neither of them would breathe a sigh of relief until they had answers as to what was really going on and who was really involved. Cameron didn’t want to make any accusations towards Kinessa’s father yet until he knew for sure, he didn’t want to risk upsetting her and possibly losing her. Therefore he kept his judgments to himself. “Do you think my father is behind this?” Cameron snapped out of his time warp long enough to glance at her. “He never showed Cameron. He said he was the only person aside from my own mother that knew about this place. I’m not that naïve. You can give me an honest answer.” Cameron just shook his head. Unfortunately he didn’t have an honest answer to give so he went with thing only thing he had left. “I don’t know.”

Back at the cabin William followed their smell to the rose covered wall. "Well played Kinessa but I will find you." He whispered to the wall as if he knew she would hear him. "Where are they Dog?" A voice came from behind him. William growled under his breath and turned to face who he considered a traitorous coward. "You said there was no way out and you said they would have no help all the way out here. Now either you're having second thoughts, a liar, or have no idea of who your real enemies are. I'm betting on doors number two and three, Allen Suntree." William grinned on the inside. "This should have been an easy assignment for you find them and kill them both before her powers mature any further. She is already too powerful if she had any more knowledge she could have killed you herself. I'm giving you one last chance Dog finish the job or I will make you like the rest of your flea infested pack, extinct." Allen Suntree threatened. "How do you think she will feel when she finds out that her own father is trying to have her killed? You knew what was going to happen, why didn't you just let the elders have her when she was born?" A glint of hatred flared in William's eye as he questioned. "Just finish the job afterwards I will throw you a bone." William bared his teeth he had no use for people that turned on their own kind to move up the food chain. He knew he had the speed and ability to kill Allen but at the same time he knew Allen Suntree was waiting for that move and was ready to do bodily harm.

William left the cabin and caught the scent of another nearby. As he followed the smell he felt as if he was being watched and there was more than one pair of eyes watching. He stopped suddenly and began backing up he knew he had the speed and strength to take on any human even a Gifted human but more than one could be fatal if he was captured and learned of what was happening here. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw her. It couldn't be Kinessa she had escaped. It's a trap William thought to himself and turned and ran back toward the highway. He didn't understand why was she appearing to him after knowing he was going to kill her? She was crying in the vision. William knew that he had to find some answers first before following through with his orders something simply wasn't right and he had a gut feeling that if he hurt her they all would be doomed in this world. With that in his mind he knew exactly where he needed to go. Cameron drove the car down the long paved driveway and parked outside his mother's estate to find his mother waiting at the entrance for him and Kinessa. He brushed Kinessa's cheek with his fingers and woke her. "We are here, quickly we need to get inside." Kinessa looked around for any signs of danger and didn't question; her body was stiff from the ride she felt like she hadn’t moved in years and if she seen the inside of his car it would be all too soon. She was in desperate need of a hot shower to help calm her overstressed mind and maybe help her to catch some sleep if they had time for a real eight to ten hours of sleep. Kinessa was convinced that she could pull off that much sleep and then some without any interruptions due to the fact she was beyond exhausted and anyone that tried would probably get bitch slapped back to the magical world of oz.

The woman waiting for them was short and slender with long, dark brown hair, and her skin looked as youthful as a teenager it was hard to imagine her as a mother of a twenty-one year old son. "Welcome Kinessa, I have waited many years to finally meet you. Cameron anything she needs give it to her." Cameron nodded to his mother and looked to Kinessa. "Oh, all I really need is a hot shower please." without hesitation his mother took Kinessa's hand guided her to a large bathroom that was covered with mirrors and beautiful tiles of blue and gold. The shower was huge it was almost as big as her own room at the cottage she and Ms. Poppy were staying in. Cameron’s mother made sure she knew where everything she needed was and even had her a traveling bag full of clothing ready to go she must have known this wasn’t a long visit and was prepared for it. “Thank You” Kinessa spoke in a soft voice while trying to hold back the tear of knowing that she would be back on the run soon and not sure when or if it would ever stop. “No, Thank You my dear, you have no idea how important you are to our world. It is an honor to be at your service.” Cameron’s mother stepped out the door and left Kinessa to settle into her shower Cameron's mother returned to speak to him. "We need to talk about William."



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      Alan R Lancaster 5 years ago from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire)

      Weird and weirder! Where's this leading? We'll only find out by reading, I suppose.