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The Magician Within Chapter One

Updated on August 30, 2017
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina
Graphic Art by: Lori Hrdina | Source

The Apprenticeship

Tristan approached the lair of the wizard, whom he had heard possessed a power which was immeasurable to any. Many say that anyone that chooses to enter and look upon the master has never returned to tell the tale from within.

He stood at the entrance just staring and wondering if such tales could really be true. As if Tristain had spoken out loud a sudden sound came from deep within, a sound he had never heard before, it was unlike any mountain rumble, it was unnatural as if it were a beast growling it’s warning to turn away that this place was protected.

Tristain’s gut instinct was screaming at him to turn and run away, but his curiosity pushed him forward. “I just have to see for myself what is in this cave on the mountain.” He told himself.

Tristan slowly made his way near the entrance, trying to be as careful and as quiet as possible so as not to be noticed.

Tristan entered the mouth of the cave and noticed a strong smell, there also seemed to be a heat surrounding him. Instinct continued to call out to him to run and leave this place, though Tristain continued to push on and the light from which he had entered was now fading and darkness now stood in its place.

From above Tristan hearts fluttering of small wings what he can only assume is a nest of bats, Tristan moves deeper into the cave.

He noticed a light though not very bright it seemed to be glowing in an amber shade of color, the heat felt as it was getting more intense and the smell at times seemed unbearable, but following the light Tristain reached another opening that leads to the center of the source from which the glow and the heat came from, there at the bottom stood what appeared to be a man dressed in an unique outfit, it was like something out of a fairytale, he wore a long robe that was so brilliant in color, and a hat that seemed to reach the stars, his hair was white and long, as was the beard that grew upon his face. Tristan watched the man’s movements what looked as if he were gliding across the floor of the cave as he moved from one place to another, yet there was something else that caught Tristan's eye something that told him that he was not alone but that something was too far out of sight to know for sure.

Moving closer to get a better view, he slightly tripped and sent small pieces of rocks sliding down the side and startling the man that he was once watching, and who now was watching him now knowing what caused the falling of the rocks. Standing as still as possible and trying to be silent in hopes that the man would return to what he once was doing, but as destiny would have it Tristain is no longer the observer, but an intruder to this place. Tristan thought to himself,

“What do I do? I will surely perish if I do not show myself, but I may surely perish if I should. I could run and make it out safely, however, I can stand brave and see what destiny holds in store for me.”

Tristan made his decision; he stood and walked from behind the shadows to reveal himself to the man that so many feared.

“I wear no armor and no weapons upon my body.” He said to assure the man that he meant no harm to anyone or anything.

“I only ask to know what it is that so many fear of this place,” Tristan spoke.

An unexpected reply came from the wizard. “Come down to me and let me see for myself what is true in your heart for me and mine.”

Tristan slowly descended to the bottom, he noticed a large shadow begin to stir within the background. His heart began to pound fast and loud that it seemed to echo within the walls. He approached the wizard and looked him in his grayish eyes that seemed to know exactly what Tristan was thinking and feeling at that very moment.

Tristan offered his plea of his intrusion.

“I am not here to harm but to discover what it is that lives within the caves and is so talked about with such terror that all fear to even come near the place.”

With a small smile and a little chuckle, the old man speaks with words that are spoken clearly but so softly.

“There is nothing to fear here, people fear what they do not understand.”

“Then why all the stories of death from this place if one is to enter?” Tristan asked.

To this the wizard replied.

“There have been no deaths here. You are not the first to enter and all before you have left here unharmed.”

Tristan was confused by this.

“Then why did they never return to their homes? Where did they go, if they are not dead?”

Once again he replied.

“I have sent them on a journey, one that will take them to different places, some that are very far from this place. They are learning the ways of the new, and how to accept things that are not understood but can be accepted to live at peace in a world that is full of hatred.”

Tristan nodded his head in understanding and asked.

“Could you teach me these things that I may also learn?”

The wizard turned and said,

“What would you do with such teachings?”

Tristan stood tall and said,

“I would teach others that all things are not evil just because they appear to be different from us.”

He slowly turned and looked deeply into Tristan's heart and said,

“Yes, you will make a fine apprentice, and it is done. Prepare yourself for your quest young apprentice your journey will take you five days South where you must along the way collect three special items and return back here to prove your worthiness your teachings of an apprentice.”

“What must I collect and where must I go to collect these things?” Tristan asked curiously.

The wizard glided to what looked to be a bookshelf and pulled out a scroll and placed it on the stone table that stood before them.

“First, You will travel to the dragon’s keep high in the mountains of Armalie, there you will find a white lily that glows a bright purple. Retrieve three of its pedals before the dragon awakes.

Next, your travels will take you to the Forest of Gala where you must fill this vial with the sap of the Golden Gala Tree. You will need to stay alert the wolves of the forest protect the tree you will need to learn the sleeping spell and cast it before entering the forest.

Your final task will be the most difficult; you will travel to Crescent Falls. You will be required to scale to the top of the waterfall and collect the egg of the mighty Griffin Lastella.”

The wizard concluded and began to pack a satchel of things that Tristan would need for the trip. While watching him it had occurred to Tristan that he did not know the old wizard’s name.

“Sir, what shall I call you? I do not know your name.” He looked at him almost in shock, “You shall address me as Master, however, my name is Myrin. Now, my young apprentice, you have knowledge of me, please share what your name might be.

Tristan stood proudly and told him his name and when all introductions were complete and final, they finished packing and Tristan was prepared for his journey. Myrin knew of all the dangers that awaited young Tristan and was unsure of how far he would truly get before he found trouble or it found him.

“Young apprentice, do you possess any fighting skills to protect oneself in such the case of battle?” Myrin watched the young and innocent face of the apprentice drop as he shook his head in shame. He had no brother’s and his father died when Tristan was very young, all he had left was an older sister and his mother, who were both determined to turn him into a gentleman so that he could move the family out of poverty and into higher society.

Tristan's sister had already been promised to a very wealthy, much older man. She was not happy about the arrangement but was doing what she must for her betterment as well as the family. Tristan wanted nothing to do with this and was pretty sure his father would not have approved. That was why he was here now; hoping there was more out there for him.

Tristan finally picked his head up and spoke: “I have no fighting skills, however, I am sure I can manage without them, Sir.”

Myrin slightly smiled and nodded with approval “Violence is often not the answer, however being able to outwit your opponent will always be the key to your survival.” Myrin walked Tristain through the spells he would need to learn and showed him the places he should avoid along with where he could find safety. When he felt confident of his abilities Myrin hand him a map and the satchel of supplies that he would need and pointed Tristain in the direction he needed to go.


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    • profile image

      Janet Smart 

      5 years ago

      This is a good story. But, be careful with the passive writing and using overused -lazy words in your story. You can google lazy, overused, passive words and good articles will come up with lists and information about it. You should watch for words such as - seem, was, ly adverbs, etc. Keep writing but have your story polished before publishing.


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