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Great Reads - Neglected Books 1

Updated on January 14, 2016

Lost Treasures Worth Digging Out

So many great books just get forgotten. Yet if you unearth them, you will find something to treasure.

Sort of like finding King Tut, not to put too fine a point on it.

This will be our topic.

You are here in what is in effect a used book store, but one with presentation, analysis, and discussion. And it costs you not a dime.

This is the first in a continuing series.

The Zeal of the Convert by Burke Wilkinson


The Wallace Stevens Case by Thomas Grey


The Bombs of Orsini by Michael St. John Packe


The Wildlife Stories of Faith McNulty

Actually, although there's one story here we are primarily interested in, a saga more than a story, in truth.

The saga of mankind's attempts to keep that quintessential endangered speices, the wonderful Whooping Crane from vanishing forever from our planet.

"A vast territory, from the frozen tundra of northern Canada to the steamy heat of New Orleans and the Texas Gulf Coast!" "A cast of hundreds!" "Political intrigue and backstabbing!" "The femme fatale!" "Wings above North America!" -- So might the trailer for the movie made from this book say.


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