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Do You Have A Toxic Home? Here Are 10 Best Links To Natural Solutions Recipes

Updated on June 25, 2009

Are You Spraying Your Household Surfaces With Toxins?

Spray Poison by fairday
Spray Poison by fairday

Using Toxic Formulas In The Home Is Outdated

Switch To Green Cleaners by fairday
Switch To Green Cleaners by fairday

The 10 Best Web Sites About Natural Home Cleaner Recipes


With the growing popularity of green living, more people want to learn about natural home cleaners. Anyone who has ever made the switch to natural home cleaners from toxic home cleaners will tell you that it is one the best decisions about their home that they have made.

That is because these people no longer have to put up with irritation, strong fumes and the health dangers that are associated with the chronic exposure to harsh and synthetic chemicals. Instead, people who have made the switch can create their own natural home cleaners for pennies in comparison and they know exactly what is in the natural home cleaner formulas. Excess packaging is a thing of the past when you make your own natural home cleaner recipes.

I have gathered ten great links to excellent resources that will help you to produce your own natural home cleaners with common natural ingredients. You probably have many of these ingredients in your home already. You can use ingredients such as vinegar, salt, soap, baking soda, borax and oil when you make your own natural cleaners. Some cleaners may call for essential oils.

Ten Best Links To Natural Home Cleaner Recipes

1. Clean and Green: Natural Homemade Household Cleaners
What I like about this page is that a list of ingredients is at the top and below are the tips organized all on one page. It makes it easy to find what you are looking for without having to visit numerous pages for the bits of information that you need. The information is good and straightforward.

2. Healthy Home Channel at
If you are in the mood for researching through a great library of information about natural home cleaning, this is the page for you. I have found excellent information at this website many times and so will you.

3. Natural Healthy Home Cleaning Tips
This web site offers many great recipes using essential oils. You will find fragrant recipes for natural home cleaners that will leave your house smelling wonderful. Not everyone finds that essential oils are necessary but for anyone who enjoys the effectiveness and aroma of essential oils for housecleaning, will love this collection of natural cleaning formulas including aromatherapy recipes.

4. Natural Cleaning Products You Have In Your Kitchen
This short article explains the usefulness of the three top natural cleaners that are relied on for many housecleaning jobs around the house. Vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice are three great natural cleaning products that will cost you just pennies per use.

5. Alternative Cleaners and Recipes
This web site lists what it is that you are already using and gives a natural alternative cleaning method for it. If you want to find a specific job to match it with a natural home cleaner recipe, you will find this page usefu.

6. Guide to Less Toxic Products
If you want more information on why you shouldn't use the popular toxic home cleaners that are available everywhere, check out this page. There is also a list of toxic cleaners with natural home cleaners that are available at stores already. If you don't want to make your own cleaners and want to purchase these formulas instead, visit this page.

7. Toxic Substances
This pdf lists alternative formulas and tips for replacing the toxic cleaners that are all too readily available. You will see how easy it is to go green when you clean.

8. Non toxic alternatives to hazardous products
This pdf file sorts the green clean tips by the job that is needed. This pdf is another excellent resource for many common cleaning jobs around the house.

9. From the Alternative Medicine channel at, Natural Household Cleaners - How to Make Natural Cleaners for the Home
This is great that the alternative medicine channel is promoting natural home cleaners. I suspect that when someone uses toxic cleaners regularly for a long time, that it affects their health negatively. I think it would make great sense if regular doctors recommended the use of natural cleaners to all their patients.

10. Safe Alternatives For Toxic Household Cleaners
This page has a section of natural pesticide, hobby and personal care tips and recipes. The less toxins in your home environment, the better, I think.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks a lot for sharing these links and recipes of using natural home cleaning product. It is very useful and informative. I’ll surely visit this.

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 

      9 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      We try to use different cleaning products in our home thingking that we will eliminate the bacteria and germs but we often forget that those cleaning agents may be harmful to our family's health. this is a great informative hub that natural and toxic free clealiness.


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