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Swashbuckling Pirate Themed Bedroom

Updated on March 4, 2020

Have a Pirate Adventure in Your Bedroom

Drop your anchor and create a pirate themed bedroom your mateys will love. Whether you are creating a fun filled swashbuckling room for yourself or someone prepare for the home decor makeover of your life. When you traveling in the company of pirates you can expect adventure at every turn. A pirate bedroom needs to be an adventure for the senses and invoke a touch of danger.

So what does a pirate bedroom look like you might be wondering. A pirate bedroom will have a light nautical theme as pirates usually are found on the high seas. A pirate bedroom will showcase the explorer in us all, and finally, a pirate bedroom will showcase elements of the macabre. Expect to see a few skull and crossbones lurking around the corner.

Photo: Pirate Bedding

Sophisicated Pirate Room

Pirate Room Must Haves

The Pirate Bedroom Explorer

With a parrot by his side a pirate will be on the look out for treasure. The pirate will be looking for adventure and a chance to explore the world around him. Those seeking an authentic pirate bedroom experience will want to add an element of exploration into their bedroom.

There are several ways in which we can incorporate the spirit of the pirate explorer into our bedroom. First lets consider the wall art we may want to include. A pirate treasure map would be an excellent way to show a pirates adventure side. You could also add shadow boxes filled with telescopes and swords. Or perhaps create a sword styled shelf to display your pirate booty.

Create Your Own Pirate Map - Method #1

I learned how to create my own pirate map in grade school during a class project. Using the same process you can create your own pirate map to hang on your bedroom walls.

What You Need

Brown Wrapping Paper

Olive Oil


Step One

Take your brown paper and draw out your pirate map. Be sure to add an x to mark the stop where you will find your treasure.

Step Two

Rip the edges of your paper to give it a rough look. You may even want to burn the edges a little.

Step Three

Brush oil on to your map be sure to cover every inch of your map.

Step Four

Hang your map to dry

Pirate Map Second Method

Easy Accessories

Telescope for Pirate Bedroom

The telescope will be a great visual representation of the pirate explorer. This room accessory doubles as a novelty toy.

For a cute display why not pick up a small chest from the dollar tree. Just stain the chest to give it a more finished look. You could even add some sand to the outside or some small shells to give the container a more nautical flavor.

Accenting your toy telescope with a small chest holder will give your toy telescope more drama on a shelf or bedside table.

Treasure Chest Hides Toys or Treasures

Every Pirate Needs a Treasure Chest

A pirate without a treasure chest is like a room without storage: useless. In a pirate themed bedroom you get the luxury of storing your personal treasures in a chest.

Check out some of your local thrift stores if they have a beat up chest for sale. Ideally you will want to find a wooden chest with a rounded roof; though, don't worry if you find an old chest with a square shape. Just add a few details to the box to make it look more authentic. Netting with some starfish or some golden coins will help give your chest a more sea faring look.

Use Old Halloween Decorations to Decorate

Add Some Skulls and Cross Bones to the Mix

Pirates seem to go hand in hand with skulls. Skulls and crossbones serve to show the dangerous life a pirate leads. You will want to incorporate a skull or two into your bedroom decor. Add a skull piggy bank or figurine to a shelf or top of a dresser to give those who enter a taste of the savagery.

Add a skull on top of books to give your room a more dramatic flair. This is a great way to get more use of some of your Halloween decor. Just place a foam skull or skull jar to weigh down books on your book shelf. If your trying to create a room for a young child you may want to avoid putting the skull in their room; however, painting your skull in a bold color might make it a little scary at night.

Bring in the Sea for Your Pirate Bedroom Adventure

Pirates travel the high seas in search of adventure, treasure and other vessels to pillage and loot. A well seasoned pirates room will have a slight nautical theme. You many decide to add anchors or a ship steering wheel to your room.

Have you built a model ship? Why not display it on a shelf or in a shadow box? Give your room a nautical feel with ship decor. If you have a collection of these ships then you might want to consider featuring them in your space.


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