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Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1

Updated on April 19, 2008

Family Guy Video Tribute

Family Guy Episode Guide to the Cartoon's Beginnings

Family Guy originally aired on Fox TV in 1999. Family Guy is a hilarious cartoon with its own style of twisted humor. Not for the easily offended, Family Guy goes where no other comedy dares to venture.

Family Guy is one of those miracle television shows that was brought back to life by its adoring fans. Family Guy was cancelled by Fox in 2002, but Fox brought Family Guy back in 2005 after it had a surge in sales of DVDs and fans started demanding that the Fox show be returned to the air.

Family Guy is all about the Griffins. The Griffins live in a town named Quahog. Peter and Lois are married with three children and a dog. Chris took after his father, Peter, in both looks and IQ- as in, he has neither. Poor Meg is rather neglected by her family. The youngest child, Stewie, is just a baby, but he's a freaking genius. Stewie is obsessed with world domination and the annihilation of his mother, Lois. Lois comes from a wealthy family and I don't think anyone knows how she ended up with Peter. Brian the talking dog is more intelligent than any of the humans on Family Guy, with the exception of Stewie. Family Guy is rounded out with a colorful cast of supporting characters.

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1 - Pilot Episode

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 1

"Death Has a Shadow" Originally aired January 31, 1999

This is the Family Guy episode that started it all. Everyone gets a good look at the workings of the Griffin family in Quahog. Peter Griffin attends a bachelor party. Before he goes, he is warned by his wife Lois not to drink too much.

Does Peter listen? Of course not. When Peter shows up to work at the toy factory with a hangover, he is fired. Peter decides to apply for welfare. The government sends Peter a big, fat check for $150,000. Peter doesn't know what to do. He decides to throw the money out of a blimp during the Super Bowl. This causes Peter to be arrested and his family must come to his rescue, as always.

A little bit of Family Guy trivia: This Family Guy pilot episode originally aired after the Super Bowl.

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 2

"I Never Met the Dead Man" Originally aired April 11, 1999

Meg wants to learn how to drive and her father Peter decides to teach her. Peter then runs into a satellite dish while driving and causes all of Quahog to lose their cable. Peter blames the whole thing on Meg's poor driving skills after the town starts threatening him. Poor Meg has to take all of the abuse from the community instead.

Peter just about dies of boredom without television. After his wife Lois suggests that Peter spend the time with his family, Peter drives the whole household crazy.

Stewie decides that he hates broccoli so much that he is going to destroy all crops by building a weather control device. In true Family Guy style, William Shatner appears in Quahog and attends a German festival with Peter, where they become pals.

Family Guy trivia for this episode:

  • Erik Estrada guest stars
  • Lots of fun 60s and 70s references in this Family Guy episode- some of them are Scooby Doo, I Love Jeannie, Willie Wonka, and Bewitched.

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 3

"Chitty Chitty Death Bang" Originally aired April 18, 1999

Peter is supposed to make reservations for Stewie's first birthday party at Cheese E. Charley's. However, Peter makes the manager angry and can't get a reservation. Peter manages to get a circus to march right into the Griffin's backyard instead.

Stewie believes that the birthday party is planned to force him back to the womb where he escaped. He thinks that the "man in white" (obstetrician) is going to come after him again. Stewie goes to the airport to escape, but decides to come back and face his nemesis.

Meanwhile, Meg is invited to attend a party of her own. Meg is not popular at school and is very excited to go. Little does she know that she is going to a cult meeting where they are preparing to commit suicide. Lois sends Peter to bring Meg home so that Meg can be at Stewie's birthday party.

When Peter and Meg arrive at the birthday party, the leader of the cult comes along as well, wearing his white cult robe. Stewie thinks he recognizes the cult leader as the "man in white", otherwise referred to by Stewie as "the man who wants to return me to the ovarian Bastille". Stewie does away with his enemy once and for all and then joins his birthday party with the rest of the Griffins.

Family Guy trivia for episode 3:

  • This episode of Family Guy guest stars Waylon Jennings.

Clips of Scenes From Family Guy Episode 3, Season 1

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 4

"Mind Over Murder" Originally aired April 25, 1999

Peter watches Peter's soccer game and ends up hitting a woman that Peter thought was a man. As punishment, Peter is sentenced to house arrest. Peter misses his friends desperately. He decides to build a bar in the basement to lure his friends to hang out with him while he's stuck inside.

Peter's plan works brilliantly and soon all of his buddies are coming around to hang out in his basement. Lois finds a receptive audience when she decides to entertain the crowd with her singing. Peter doesn't like the attention that Lois gets at all.

Stewie starts teething and develops a time machine to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, Stewie's plans are thwarted because the machine plans are seen by the bar patrons. Stewie ends up going back in time instead of forward to cover up his blueprints. The machine goes back far enough in time to escape the entire basement incident for the whole family.

Family Guy Trivia for episode 4:
  • Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street appear

Watch Bert and Ernie on Family Guy Episode 4, Season 1

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 5

"A Hero Sits Next Door" Originally aired May 2, 1999

A new family has moved into the neighborhood and Lois becomes good friends with them. Peter doesn't like them. After Peter has to find a replacement for his company baseball team, however, he invites the new neighbor, Joe, to play on the team.

Joe shows up to the game in a wheelchair, but is an excellent athlete. The spectators love Joe. Joe invites everyone to his house after the game and he becomes the center of attention.

Peter decides that he wants to win back his family by being a hero like Joe. He tries to intercept a bank robbery. But all doesn't go as planned. Peter and Brian are taken hostage until Joe shows up and talks the robbers into surrendering.

Family Guy trivia for episode 5:

  • This is the first appearance of neighbors Joe and Bonnie on Family Guy.
  • Michelle Kwan guest stars.
  • Appearances are made by the Grinch and Wonder Woman

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 6

"The Son Also Draws" Originally aired May 9, 1999

Chris gets kicked out of the scouts. He says that he would rather draw. Peter decides to drive to the Scout headquarters and convince them to let Chris back in. The episode focuses on the roadtrip that the family takes to New York.

Peter gets lost enroute to New York. He has to use the bathroom and becomes desperate to find a place to stop. They end up on a Native American reservation.

While there, Lois becomes addicted to gambling at a Native American casino. She ends up gambling away the car. In order to get the car back, Peter tells the tribe that he is also Indian.

In order to prove to the tribe that he is Native American, Peter is sent on a vision quest. Chris comes along. Peter ends up seeing Fonzie on his quest, convinces the tribe that he is Native American, and gets the car back.

Family Guy Trivia for Episode 6:
  • Along with Fonzie, Speed Racer and Little Red Riding Hood make an appearance in this episode of Family Guy.

Watch Speed Racer in Family Guy Episode 6, Season 1

Family Guy Episode Guide Season 1, Episode 7

"Brian: Portrait of a Dog" Originally aired May 16, 1999

The Griffin's air conditioner konks out during a heat wave. The Griffins need money for a new air conditioner. Peter comes up with the idea to enter Brian in a dog show. At first Brian agrees. After Peter tries to force Brian to beg for a treat during the show, Brian leaves the Griffin household.

Brian ends up on the streets, hungry and begging. Brian gets picked up and sent to the pound. He is going to be put to sleep for biting. It's up to Peter to save his beloved buddy. So Peter decides to bribe the judge. The charges are dropped and Brian is freed. The scene at the water fountain is not to be missed.

Family Guy trivia for Episode 7:

  • Peter appears on Jeopardy.
  • The Pillsbury Dough Boy and Lady and the Tramp all appear on this episode of Family Guy.
  • Joyce DeWitt and Liza Minnelli also show up in this episode.
  • This is the last episode of the first season of Family Guy.

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    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

      Thanks, Whitney. I am a huge Family Guy fan. I have watched the episodes so many times I have lines memorized. Sad, but true.

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      Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

      great hub for fans.

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      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      Wow you did a great job. Very in-dept guide.