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Hashish in the Arab and Islamic heritage

Updated on January 10, 2020
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The name "Hashishin" in the west and east was associated with the suicide squad stationed at the Castle of Death above the Dilm Mountains, and they were known to use hashish on the assumption of their leader Hassan al-Sabbah. However, Islamic history books, including medieval Arabic histories, and books of boredom and bees, do not report anything about the origin of the name of the hashish, the intended drug, or the relationship of the inhabitants of the castle to it, except as quoted by Benjamin Al-Tatili. In his journey around "the land of atheists inhabited by a sect that does not believe in the religion of Islam, its men sit in the impregnable mountains, obey the sheikh of the hashish, and they are the most powerful people who can't fight them" the association of hashish with the drug will remain a puzzle in the Arab and Islamic heritage. Al-Hijri for hashish 40 species, not including the drug intended, including: Babylonian hashish, the snake's hashish, the beneficial hashish of coughing, and the good-off son of the birth, to receive a reference from the son of savages in the book "Nabataean agriculture" about poppy hashish that "numbs the brain and more than killed it" For the soul without delay, especially for the cool mood of people...He takes a drink from him, so he is more informed in hypnosis, to soothe flames and all the pains, or from the father of the good seville about hashish taken from the seeds of the cannabis tree , "many crack the head, dry the ole, cut off, and drink as drunk as the wine." The exploration of the Arab and Islamic heritage around the problematic plant leads to the conclusion that the narrations about hashish will spread widely after 1378, i.e. 200 years after the time of the Sabbah community, which puts the miro of Benjamin Al-Tatili and what the traveler Marco Polo conveyed into question. In The Words of the Arab and Islamic heritage, we review the forbidden plant with its pros and cons.

In the origin of this plant it was said that the first one shown by Sheikh Haidar al-Khorasani, God returned us from his blessings, that he came out of his solitude to the desert at the time of saying alone about the sons of his race, and he found everything from the plant still does not move because of the lack of wind in the intensity of the vomit that does not realize, and that he passed by a plant with paper that dazzles the staring, and saw it In this case, he gently comes and moves without violence, such as the drunken drunk and the drunken luxury, and he called for the disclosure with his tongue that "each of the leaves of this plant, it is the greatest kinship, it is the food of those who think about our meanings and the madame of our songs." When he ate it, he was raised by conscience and mirth, and he saw himself in watching the wanted wonder, and when the Sheikh achieved his command, and found in him his secret and the science of his impact and wisdom, he returned from his time with the strength of his concern and ordered his companions to eat it and hide his secret from his family because of the double pleasure, the excess joy, the full activity and the continuous exultation. One is unable to keep one out of his authority. Abu Khaled said: I planted it at the sheikh's corner in his life, and he ordered me to plant it around his tomb after his death. Sheikh Haidar lived after we stopped this secret and the order preserved ten years and I did not see him cut off eating it every day, and he ordered us to reduce lunch and eat this green paper, and died sheikh, may God rest his soul, in the year 618 in his corner in a mountain between Nashour and Rao, and on his tomb a great dome, and he has abundant vows From the people of Khorasan, they glorify his destiny, visit his grave, respect his companions and bring them to this day, and not in the poor of the ajam, i.e. the purest biography of them.

(The Literary Swains in The Praises of The Cannabis - Written by: Al-Hassan Ibn Muhammad al-Akbri)

In the Etiquette of Using It

I know that if the wise man, the literary man, must be a prophet, if he wants to use this favorite drug by allowing the property to cleanse his body from impureness and from desecrating his shirts and possessing virtues, and to give up committing vices and seeking him from telling his bed, and thanking his biography and eating it in his place and not swallowing it with his non-family, and holding him With his right hand without the left, he says: In the name of God, the Lord of the Hereafter and the first one, "who got out of the mother" and "created a savior" and gave, and appreciated and guided, and learned the secret and concealed, and God prayed to Muhammad, the Prophet of Guidance and his companions, the imams of the guidance, and met, God, you deposited wisdom in your creatures and created the good of your manufactures, and he met, God bless you. And defined its characteristics from its satisfaction, and inspired its secrets from its selection, and that this plant that you have managed by your wisdom and took it out with your ability and made it the livelihood of many of your creatures with your justice, your will, your dignity and your will, I ask you as your general dignity for the private and public to save me in it to work in your obedience and quit your disobedience, and cut off my desires, and cut off my desires. And its obstacles and suspicions of its relation, sorrows and Tuareg, and the assets introduce me to its facts, give me the good, and act on me harm, o who is capable of everything and in every case of vision. Then he puts him in his distress and exaggerates in crushing it, and drinks on it and moves his jaws and put him to his gut, and praises God for his grace, and cleans his mouth, and he washes his life, and raises his voice with melody to the Creator of the morning, it is a reason for the delay and comfort, and the fruit swells his teeth to hide from the snitch, and facilitate his hair and his dining, and do not go away The newspapers are the ones who paint him, and he staggers in his walk and command and end, and he uses the food nicer, and from the words of the sweet Ashraf, and watches the faces of charity, and sits in the picnic of a place and adjacent to the water, and accompanies the fountains of friends, and takes himself to think about the illness and the reason, and the actor and effect, the crop and the crop, and the saying and the saying, And the transporter, and the worker in the sweetness and the ma'am, then he is fed up with the knowledge of the old God and his virtue of what he perceives opinions and their meanings, and shows him things including them, and he realizes the thoughts by the nooks, and has the view of thoughts, and separates from the meaning of his forgetfulness, and communicates with the meaning of his theology, and gets him a percentage poor to investigate, and up to the rank of conciliation. Those who use it without police or put it down without a station have changed the argument of reason and literature and ignorance of the argument of intent and demand.

(Rest of souls in hashish and rest - written by: Taqi al-Din Abu al-Taqqi al-Badri al-Damascene).

In the Printing of This Plant

Ibn Yahya said: It provokes confusion in the body how it was, the owner of the bile happens to him with intensity and audacity, and the owner of the sputum happens to him with confusion and silence, and the owner of the black occurs to him crying and alarm, and the owner of the blood happens to him pleasure and ecstasy, you find each one of them happens in it as much as he overcomes his mood mentioned confusion. Some of them are passing through their body on their own, and some of them spoil their mood, yellow his face and inherit the disease. I saw from its characteristics that many animals with toxins such as living and others, if she smelled her wind from afar escaped from it, and this is one of its characteristics and prevents itself from a property against wine, because I saw a snake coming from a pot of wine until it came on most of it and then tossed it from its hollow in the pot. I saw that if a person eats hashish and finds it done in himself and likes to leave it and leave it, he has cut in his nostrils some oil or ate some sour milk, which weakens the power of its action and breaks the float in the cold running water, and sleep goes and cancels it as well.

Galen said: "By button this plant expels the wind and analyzes the wind and drys the amount of his strength that if the human eats more dry the air, he said: Poor mixing low food and said ibn al-Bitar in his vocabulary dried to the moisture of the stomach, killer of worms; From it, he returns to bile, becomes steam, makes sense of the abdomen, and dries urine, and his love is less bad. Al-Razi said: "It is shocking and blinding and prevents it from drinking cold water, biting ice on it and taking some sour fruits. Desqueredos said: Too much paper is eaten from it, cutting the air, and if the button is soft, then if it takes out its air and a drop in the ear, it will be approved.

(The platform of the statement in what man uses is written by: Ali Ibn Isa Ibn Jaszala).

One of the Wonders of His Effects in Medicine

What is clear of epilepsy in its time with a property in which the paper of Shahdanj Al-Bustani, and has been done in my time is evidence of the validity of this, that Dahir eddin Mohammed ibn Ismail, son of al-Wakil, was one of the largest houses of the people of Baghdad, and his father was the eyebrow of the Council's cabinet in the Abbasid state in the Ministry of Ibn al-Alqaimi and the son of the critic, and prevailed over the noon of the note. He was imprisoned in his home and was imprisoned every week once, and the doctors took his treatment for six months and did not exonerate him, so he was admitted to the clinic by Ali Ibn Makki, and he was one of the most intelligent people of his time to hit the oud and click the tambourine and good hair systems witnessed him. So a group of people of the arts, His father was also a poet in the days of Imam Nasser for a religion of God, and when Ibn Makki saw it, he highlighted from his quantity something of hashish and he did not leave him, so he was taken from him and used and offered to the player of religion ate it, so he refused and refrained because he did not eat it at his age, so he still tapped him with his ingenuity and attracted his clitoris until he ate it, and then Ibn Makki He was beaten with oud and sang from the thin hair, it was only an hour until he found the did the hashish in himself and his sense, so he returned to his mind and denied to his family what he saw of his bad condition, and he was acquitted of that washes from his day, and that day was his shift in epilepsy, and he did not know for his demise a reason other than eating it, and then The Dahir al-Din did not cut it off. After that. I say: This is a strange agreement and strange lyrical.

(Al-Mansouri Book - Written by Mohammed Ibn Zakaria al-Razi)

* In the mention of its users and the groups of those who have fallen into it
It is said that a man who was dressed as a jurist, used it on the night of Abaaif, and was at the people of Rural, and he gave them the prayer of supper, and the first prostrate did not rise, so they moved him to wake up, and he did not. So the countryside came out of the mosque and they said, "May God rest his soul, he was a religious man until he was arrested in prayer", and then they covered him, and when they became, they brought the laundries and the handouts and wanted to carry him, and he said to them, "Did you pray until we pray edmorocco?"

He said that he came out of his wife's to buy her fried bread, so while he was on his way, he found and fell from his hand in a place with a camel, and he filled the Shaqfa from the camel and came to his wife and said to her, "Take me!" He revealed his time and left him from his watch.

He said to himself: I work poor for them, so the Sheikh took on him and set up two days of swallowing it in the hidden, and the conquest is increasing, and then it decreased until it was interrupted and nothing came, and they stayed on it for a while until it came out of his mind. He said that he had died of a poor one, and that he had died to pray for him, and that he had broken up with them and that he had gone to the head of the dead and made a noise to him, and they denied him, and they said: "You have to deny from two sides, one of them: you have dated eight zooms, and the second is This is a bad heresy." He said: "Listen, poor people, but the four extra zooms are to pray for myself, i have counted my soul from the dead, but if I confuse him, I will say to him, "Don't be desperate if the conquest of the day does not come, or I will have you tomorrow."

And it is ugly what he said that he married the mother of a boy and some of his friends saw him on the night of the wedding, and they said: "Use this pulp - and he did not use it before - and that the night is happy with the bride," and when he entered and fell asleep and fell asleep in the mattresses, so the bride took care of his sleep and covered it and then took to offer her son, and she said to him "It's a" So she went into the sleeper's ear and looked until he turned the brushes, and she moved him, and she said, "What is this?" He said, "I am a mother," so he alerted him, and he woke up and found the sinking of mattresses and clothes, and he said to her, "O woman, excuse me, some friends told me to use this pulp, and I did not know it, so I changed it, and then I turned the world to sleep, so I went to the governor's room, so I went to the void, I spent my job, and if one knocked on the door, I told him, I am sorry, so I was alerted to this situation, so I forgave this sin and continued to accompany it, using it, but as far as I could.

(Rest of souls in hashish and rest - written by: Taqi al-Din Abu al-Taqa al-Badri al-Damascene).

* In Its Poetry and Prose

The son of the Damascene blind:

Let the wine and drink from Mrs. Haidar.
With a green accent that speaks of peridot
You're got a Turk.
Yamis on a branch of dairy
He's going to run it.
As a number of excuses on the cheek of a supplier
And they look on their branches of paper by sacrifice.
It's a seductive bath.

- Ibn al-Asaysi Al-Alawi in Hashish Mixed with Honey:

I Ate It

And she's been through witness ing for nights.

A fermenter that's on the wine.

Her majesty with the sword is a sword.

She was named for the place of the rest i have to say

Halal and drinking the rest is halal

Breakfast, I see the world as palaces and times.

I see it as a land and Riyadh about

Anonymous Poet:

My eyelids tomorrow are damaged.

And since he threw the eyelid from the top of the stairs,

I told him you set me up.

And he said to me, "Not to blind, I'm going to have to

Anonymous Egyptian author

Take this pulp, use it, find the rugs and the veil, and blow your stomach, and remove your concern and anguish, so the partner takes it with his concern, and puts it in his mouth, and he calls it his costume, which is the pleasure and the disdain, and the daughter of the pod of Shahab and tab, and sings to the lovers and says to the friends: she is sweeter than the Jalab, who gets her son, open edifying, And mirth and money, and remained from the numerator in case, God rejoiced the partner, from his joy fly, and sings and says: Hat sprouts pulses, and goes and says, if you are reasonable (of simple):

The weed in the ground is planted.

You sing about booze and wine, Moses.

We ate paste and pastes.

Until we saw the camels in the semi-namusi

In Marco Polo's Description of the Junkies' Committee

"There is in Wadi Mung, confined between two majestic mountains, the Sheikh of the Mountain has created a luxurious orchard and constructed palaces of various sizes and shapes and decorated with gold decorations and filled with bright images and furniture covered with the most luxurious damps and lightning and small pipes designed in these buildings were used and by them were rivers of Wine, milk, honey and water are seen overflowing in every direction, and these palaces were inhabited by beautiful graceful nymphs who were taught to master all the arts of singing and playing on all kinds of musical instruments and dancing, as well as mastering the spinning, seduction and pampering of the elephants. In order to prevent anyone from finding his way without his permission to that pleasant valley, he ordered the establishment of a strong fortress at its entrance and was entering through the valley through a secret crypt, and that prince also collected in his court a number of young people ranging in numbers between the ages of 12 and 20, chosen from among the inhabitants of the mountains next door Those who show a tendency to be bitter and military-like and show the status of courage. He took his habit of talking to them about the paradise that the Prophet preached, as he was ordering to give opium to 10 of these young men. With machines and the delight of his god with caressing and hugging, they offer him the most delicious meats and wines until he fully believes that in paradise, and if they are overwhelmed by sugar and drowsiness, they are carried out of the orchard and he asks them where they were, and their answer is: "In paradise, thanks to the kindness of Your Highness." The Sheikh then said to them, "We have promised the Messenger of God and his promise was truly that paradise will be inherited by the righteous servants of God who defend their son."

(Marco Polo Cruises, Part 1)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Hafiz Muhammad Adnan


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