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Russia and Turkey Conspire Over Libya

Updated on December 20, 2019

Shocking as it may sound, Trump is not making America strong again in many places of the world. One such place is the treacherous, Middle East, where American troops defend and hold Syrian oil fields and are fired upon like sitting ducks in their Iraqi base near Baghdad with rockets from Iran.

More disturbing and totally flying under the radar is what Russia and Turkey are doing in Libya, a country that remains in conflict between two warring factions over who controls its oil and gas resources both on land and off shore. Turkey's ambitions are of no concern to Trump and with Trump not willing to oppose Turkey, even though a NATO member, Turkish ambitions are once again to recreate their old empire that existed prior to WW1, which consisted of Syria and Libya, in part. Like Russia, that wants to reestablish itself as a world player to oppose US interests, Turkey is flexing its military might by supporting the Libyan armed offensive towards Tripoli defended by a UN-approved government. Turkey already has military bases in Qatar and Somalia to expand their influence which is basically Muslim and to remove Israel from lands once belonging to Turkey. Turkey is no friend of Israel.

In Libya, Turkey supports the government in Tripoli, while Egypt supports the Libyan National Army now attacking towards Tripoli. Turkey has, with Russia's approval, now sent in a large groups of soldiers from the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood (former members of al-Qaeda and ISIS) to bolster the government in Tripoli. The LNA with T-72 tanks from Egypt have reached the outskirts of the city and several Egyptians airforce squadrons are on standby to help the LNA take the city. Turkey, besides sending soldiers have also included 3000 "advisers" or in other words, combat trained soldiers.

The LNA is not only supported by Egypt, but by the UAE and, ironically, Russia, which has sent mercenaries from its Wagner Army special forces. While it may seem odd that Russia is not on the same side of this as Turkey is, both countries are gambling in which side wins those vast gas and oil reserves still undeveloped in Libya and off their coast line. Since both of them are on the same team, both will be winners whichever faction wins!

It was the US that vacated the Libyan conflict sometime ago even before Trump, but with the US foreign policy gone in the region, Russia and Turkey and Iran truly have replaced the USA. Israel is slowly but surely being surrounded by those bad actors wanting to see its destruction as foretold in the Book of Revelations during End Times.

More proof the world is entering those times as the US is engulfed in domestic issues.


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