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Pro Bush :The terrible consequences of an apathetic electorate

Updated on June 27, 2011

The terrible consequences of an apathetic electorate

"Who gave this idiot a gun ?" or The terrible consequences of an apathetic electorate

Groggy, decaying, congested, I reach for a cigarette.

Ahh!, how great it feels to be digusted at myself as my New Years Resolution
exhales across the room. My tar soaked lungs, fill me with revulsion, a revulsion soon forgotten, destroyed by headlines, of a nation proud of violence and war, a nation that declared "Soldiers" ,Time magazine's Man of the Year. What a betrayal of modern societal evolution!

Bewildered, names ticker-tape through my head,
Freud, Einstein, Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr.,great intellects
and great actions have paved the way to truth, no matter one's faith, no matter ones martyr, history has spoken, the voice of reason declared violence the tool of fools and incompetents generations ago, violence begets violence.

Sadly, this day after New Year's, I am that fool, my fellow citizens and I hold the keys to the most awesome power known in the history of man and we are
asleep at the wheel.

We are fools.

A blind, deaf, ignorant, apathetic mass of sheep. Ignorant or ignoring of media blackouts, unconstitutional legislation and activity, infringements on civil liberties and governed by charlatans wielding poorly disguised parlor tricks.

We deserve what we get, considering the election that began this
current regime involved documented voter fraud, racial profiling,
bigotry and nepotism was absorbed with nary a whimper by the
collective american sheep. Americans of merit would still be
screaming to this day!

An unelected leader fraudently obtains the reigns of the mightiest
warhorse in history, a lapse in security under his watch becomes
his shield rather than his noose.

What sense does that make!

President Bush should have been the first one blamed for a security
lapse the size of the World Trade Center disaster. Instead, the
nation rallied to the call of militarism and patriotism, leaving their
glasses and textbooks in the mud.

Blind and brainless we march to war. As we march, the nation beneath our feet makes no improvements creditable to the administrations leadership, but no one
notices, all eyes on the prize, on war, on threats from the outside,Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea small rogue states that have been used to gag, blind, and pervert the american mind.

The coming election will be mired in controversy, hopefully our eyes will be
open to the true meaning of any future security lapses.or suspicious
computerized voting trends, when evil men steal power, they do not give it up without using all their options first.

Militaristic tyrants have claimed and perverted democratic processes in the past. People have proven themselves remarkably gullible given the right amount of material comfort to embrace it.

The Germans ignored the smokestacks on their hilltops just as we ignore the true cost of the exhaust pipes of our transportation. The world watched the
rape of Tibet by China, and we watch the rape of Iraq by our brothers and sisters. There are few things one can never truly change, I'll never be able to not be an American, but I can express my disgust at myself and my brethren, just as the rest of the civilized world and those willing to accept the obvious are
doing with me now.

Of course, it's to late, our generation is now reponsible for death and violence in our names, nothing will change that, not electing a new leader, not contributing to aid agencies, not writing seething editorials, the time is past. Our parents before us,dodged the draft, wrote songs of love and peace, and dropped out of the military-industrial corporate society, we merely twiddled out thumbs, watched NASCAR and gladly filled our brains with mass line. At least i'll be able to tell whatever miserable spawn i have, that I spoke out.

Can you say that!

they are probably dead

Unlike most doomsayers I propose some possible solutions.

 A recent trend in Anti-War, Anti-Bush campaigns is the " Anybody but Bush " campaign . As great as it sounds, the slogan engenders the same kind of mindlessness and apathy that allowed his reign in the first place.

Learn the truth of the human to whom you are granting such mighty power.

Action 1:

 In order to ensure you recognize your guilt for the actions of this once great nation, replace the words "BUSH", "AMERICA", or "United States" with your own name anytime you read the newspaper. ( Do you actually read that drivel!)

ex) 60 Iraqi Women and Children killed in American attack.

60 Iraqi Women and children killed by Josh's attack.

and if your really into a practice in civic responsibility and compassion- replace the word, "Iraqi," Civilian, or unarmed " with the name of a loved one.

ex) Stray gunfire kills innocent Iraqi civilians.
Stray gunfire kills Josh's mom, dad, and brother.

It starts with education and information

Thoughts for education:

 As a student body decide that you are tired of your ignorance, tired of the disconnect between your studies and the real world. A possible solution would be a class series,  the course could be entitled CURRENT EVENTS in context, the classes would include daily readings from both national and international
newspapers so students are familiar with domestic and international
affairs while cutting down on misinformation and biased journalism. Students would be taught to read critically and to recognize global trends as they happen. Most importantly the class would be taught by rotating instructors who would discuss currents events in relation to past historical, philosophical or scientific viewpoints.

ex) How does Albert Einstein's "Why War" relate to current
rationalizations about war ?

ex) How should current estimates about world petroleum supply
effect our consumption,. Could energy deficits effect current
foreign policy?

ex) To what extent is a single citizen responsible for the
atrocities committed by his/ her representative body?

A c student a little dyslexic


This writing dates from early 2003, this is its first time online and formatted.

It may seem dated but its not...we should not overlook this decade of american history, much still needs to be answered and answered for.

We also need to avoid another cult of personality, at this time I am an Obama fan, but none of the novelty of his election will blind me to paying careful attention to his administrations actions. We have been proven sheep, perhaps we have learned something about human rights and equality but we must be ever vigilant

disclaimer 2 - you may find some typos, keep them, there a gift


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    • Jeffrey Neal profile image

      Jeffrey Neal 

      8 years ago from Tennessee

      "A blind, deaf, ignorant, apathetic mass of sheep. Ignorant or ignoring of media blackouts, unconstitutional legislation and activity, infringements on civil liberties and governed by charlatans wielding poorly disguised parlor tricks.

      We deserve what we get, considering the election that began this

      current regime involved documented voter fraud, racial profiling,

      bigotry and nepotism was absorbed with nary a whimper by the

      collective american sheep. Americans of merit would still be

      screaming to this day!"

      You know, this part is still relevant and describes the current administration as much as the last. Funny how the names change, but everything stays the same. We'll see what our glorious leader has to say during this evening's State of the Union, but I imagine he has new found respect for the voice of the people after having been forced to listen with his Senate supermajority taken from him. I am all for non-partisan politics, so I hope this President has gotten the message. I am encouraged by the results in Mass., though, because they point to the fact that the sheep are no longer sleeping and they are aware of the wolves on the perimeter. Their bleating has become impossible to ignore, and we are seeing fewer sheep, I hope. Individual self-reliance, we need politicians who represent us, not elitists who think they know what is best for us. R or D hopefully doesn't matter anymore.

    • rebekahELLE profile image


      9 years ago from Tampa Bay

      joshua, you're not only brilliant when it comes to online knowledge, operation, marketing, etc., you're brilliant when it comes to taking personal responsibility for being a human being, a citizen in our country. this is as relevant today as when you first penned it. you have the midas touch with your literary wit.

    • GeneriqueMedia profile image


      9 years ago from Earth


      I find this really captivating.

      "My new years resolution exhales across the room.." freaking awesome. =)

      Onwards to the meat...

      Your dissidence with the Bush administration is quite understandable. And the fact you wrap things up in the end, trying to not only make a statement but to begin to change people, this is a good thing as well.

      Keep in mind, however, Bush was not the first in line to know about these types of attacks. Clinton was, actually, but thats besides the point. We've got to go behind political party BS.

      Its not about Democrat vs. Republican; as much as people who they have divided on either side doesn't want to're all in bed together. 


      Just some thoughts, and opinions. I look forward to other articles.

    • LibertyUnchained profile image


      9 years ago from Earth.

      Good stuff. Strangely enough I think that those of us who think on these things are not quite as small of a minority as we have been lead to believe.

      Then again, perhaps it is just energy levels that cause me to bump into like minded individuals day in and day out. It is time to create our own society. Let the sheep have theirs.

    • artfuldodger profile image


      9 years ago from Earth

      Great work. Thanks for the kind words on my "American lameness" hub. I think our only hope as of right now is that the general bankruptcy going around deprives the federal government of some of its ability to practice mass murder and insanity on massive level. Of course that doesn't bode too well for us "little guys" that aren't connected to top politicians or Hedge Fund CEO's.

    • goldentoad profile image


      9 years ago from Free and running....

      I was going to say before I read the end, uh, I think you should have posted this hub a couple of months ago, but then I saw the tragedy of the date.


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