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Rainy Day Date Ideas-Romantic Dates-Valentine day

Updated on March 1, 2016

Lets have a romantic date Valentine day

You want a romantic date one that you both will really enjoy & remember while enjoying each others company and getting to know each other... not just a night at the movies.... again

Here are some fun ideas for you to try out wherever you are in the world - Sydney - Perth-London - San Francisco even fun date ideas Dublin, Places I have enjoyed visited. Let me know how you went!

This isn't just for the young ones starting out in romance out there! It is for people of every age also if you are married looking to rekindle the romance in your life as so many get wrapped up in the worries of day to day living and forget to take time out for themselves as a couple.

These ideas are mainly for the outdoors as everything seems to taste better - more enjoyable outside !! some are even OK on a rainy day, we have had a lot of fun in the rain!

Use these date ideas for Valentine Day, first date ideas & even for a rainy day!

When I was first married we didn't really date a lot as he lived far away so we would get a few days together every so often.

I have just recently got remarried & before that we had some amazing dates mainly in Sydney So I would like to share them with you now ( Am 45 now )

One day we both needed to study but I wanted us to be together so we caught the train to the Hawkesbury river!

It is a lovely spot there, not far from the city yet very peaceful.

It was raining, however, we found a table & chairs undercover right near the water.

After getting some studying done we enjoyed a meal of fish n chips along with a glass of chardonnay

It was a really enjoyable day.

Often we would catch the ferry out to Watson's Bay & go snorkeling followed by fish n chips or a steak meal overlooking the harbour looking back at Sydney city.

Winter Date Ideas Sydney

If you are in Sydney then the ferry trip from Circular Quay wharf 6 over & the gondola up to the top adds to the romance !

In fact, Circular Quay is a place we spent a lot of time together.

Have a day pass for the ferries & explore new areas you haven't seen.

Take a trip down the river to Paramatta & walk along the river to the shops.

Or to the end of the train line .....

Explore the museums in the city.

Have as the bike ride in one of the parks.

I loved Victor harbour! Make sure you walk over to the Island and up to the top, when finished have a drink /meal at the restaurant overlooking the sea for a romantic date then get a ride back on the horse drawn buggy.

Date ideas on a cold day -- light a fire and cook your lunch or dinner on it & roast marshmallows, very romantic!

Play some sports - Frisbee or tennis, run around & have some fun to keep warm!

Ideas for Perth

All depends on your tastes but here are things I recommend as top 5.

1. Visit Kings Park , look at the great views over Perth and Swan River. This is a must do when visiting Perth.have a coffee and a good walk .Here you can enjoy beautiful natural bush land, recreational areas and over 300 species of native plants together with roughly 80 bird species.Take a picnic to enjoy in the park.

It is a romantic spot especially in the evening !

2. Take a ferry to Rottenest Island , hire a bike go snorkel ling , see the Quokka ;s

3. Go to Fremantle have a look at the markets there and the harbour .

4 Check out one of the many beaches within a short distance of Perth CBD. Many of these beaches being great for surfing.

5. Have a wander along the Swan River by the city , check out the exercise gym spread out along the waterfront !

Dates in Sydney

Even if you don't have much money you can still have an amazing time !

There is a bottle shop near the Opera House that is reasonably priced and a fish n chip shop.

You will save a fortune by having a couple of plastic wine glasses in your bag.

Change the view at times , go either side of the water on the grass or there are chairs there where you can enjoy the view.

1. This might sound strange however it is fun ! Find a local zoo & spend a relaxed day exploring & watching the animals !

We pack a picnic lunch to take with us , BBQ chicken, cheese, crackers or a bread stick, variety of fruit , bottle of wine which works well , then you can have a lovely picnic in the grounds.

There are many opportunities for a cuddle there as we discovered !

2. If you live anywhere near a beach , have a try at snorkeling . You can get reasonably priced kits so you can do this whenever it suits rather than hiring gear.

When you are floating along watching the large array of fish & other sea life its another world to share, hold hands so you get to look & enjoy the same view & don't lose each other.(good excuse !)

Have a special code before you go in the water so you know if your partner is ready to have a break.We have our watches so we know we go out for 20 minutes at a time.

Again , we have our own picnic most of the time so we can eat what & when we like.

3. Hire a kayak ! This can be done summer or winter & is very relaxing & fun.This can be done at the beach, river or a lake .

4.Go for a bike ride & explore your local area. There are many good cycle lanes out & about & its great exercise.

We always wear our helmets & a reflective jacket just to be on the safe side.Find a nice park to relax in for a while together.

5. A nice meal out in a new or different restaurant you haven't been to before. Even tho we love our picnics we still enjoy a nice meal out together ideally with a view when possible. See if they can provide a candle.Make sure you keep it lighthearted & fun .

6. Have a look around a local market in your area or another suburb , try out food samples , have a coffee listening to the local music if there is any playing like at Rozelle .

I have had some really good bargains from there and always enjoyed my time there.

The guy we saw down in Fremantle was on Australia's got talent the other night!!

7. Do some cooking together ! This can be a lot of fun and ideal date for a rainy day!! Get a new recipe , shop for ingredients together then head home & enjoy time together in the kitchen ! Keep your sense of humour ! This can get messy but erotic fun !

8. Don't feel you always need to make a set plan ! we had the best day out, We agreed to meet wharf 7 at Circular Quay 9,30 am with no other plans for the day. ! Once there I really felt like being out on the water as it was a beautiful sunny day so we took the ferry across to Manly which is a pleasant trip & a lot to do there , lots of nice places to eat. ! Then it was suggested we take a bus to Palm beach where there was another ferry to explore the outer bays !

After a swim at Palm beach we caught the bus back to Manly where we enjoyed a meal along the beachfront ! It was a lovely romantic fun day out !

Sometimes the best days out are unplanned & spontaneous even if the weather isn't the best.

On a really cold miserable day have some fun playing a good board game !

We like a game of Rummikub , have some fun with it & there are plenty of games to choose from.

To make it more fun we have it that the winner gets to choose to do what they want next !!

Top 10 hints !

Have a sense of humour and smile !

Be ready to try a new adventure together !

If you are near the snow you can have a lot of fun together making a snow man or snow boarding if there is a hill .

In NSW we had a great day out at Barring ton Tops out from Gloucester

Look up new places to explore !

Plan a surprise for your partner !

Watch the stars laying on a blanket one night ! See if you can spot a shooting star.

Find out when there is an outdoor concert on to go watch.

Get up early , have breakfast watching the sunrise !

If near the beach walk hand in hand along the waters edge.

Find a jetty to sit on the end of & watch the fish

Organise an early morning hot air balloon ride.

Find out what your partners secret passion is & surprise them with it ( if legal & safe)

Try new flavours at different restaurant's.

Find a cosy place in private out doors for a nice cuddle...... !

Leave your mobile phone off & enjoy being just the 2 of you

Leave work problems behind & enjoy today together

when getting to know someone you can learn a lot about them & their personality , how they deal with others & if you have a lot in common .

Best rainy day dates.

If you are in a city then you can explore a museum or an Art gallery..

Get your umbrella out and walk in the rain holding hands .

Try a new board game together or go back to your childhood and play

Ludo or snakes and ladders !

Cook a meal together.

Online dating.

If you have to be away from each other for a while then make time to set up an online date with your partner at a time where you can be relaxed and focus just on each other.

Make sure you are dressed nice for the web cam & you have enough credit on skype so you can spend some time communicating together without getting cut off.

Romantic Dates for all ages!

Valentine Date Ideas
Valentine Date Ideas

Have a day on the ferries exploring

Sydney Harbour:
Circular QuayNSW, Australia

get directions

Circular Quay:
Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

get directions

Romance in the outdoors

Enjoy a romantic setting outdoors with a cup of tea/coffee looking at the stars!
Enjoy a romantic setting outdoors with a cup of tea/coffee looking at the stars! | Source

Dating help for guys !

We love being out on the water or in it !As long as we are together!
We love being out on the water or in it !As long as we are together!
The meercats were very entertaining !
The meercats were very entertaining !
Time for a cuddle !
Time for a cuddle !
Have fun together ! Have a sense of humour !
Have fun together ! Have a sense of humour !
Find nice outdoor settings to have a coffee
Find nice outdoor settings to have a coffee
Romantic spots for picnics
Romantic spots for picnics
Fun places for Kayaking , Bournda National park NSW
Fun places for Kayaking , Bournda National park NSW

Rainy day date ideas

One thing I love to do on a rainy day is to go 10 pin bowling !

It's a lot of energetic fun spending some time in a light hearted competition and a chance to get close when he shows you how to hold the ball !

You can usually have a light snack & drink there as well .

Visit an Art gallery or a museum for some cuture .

Soometimes you can find an opening night with free wine & nibblies saving you some money !

Cooking together can be a fun way to spend a few hours then after eating your creation have fun cleaning up!

Try some old board games like snakes & ladders, ludo or a card game.

Have some chips & dip for nibblies.

If in a city an Aquarium is always fun to walk through and have a coffee shop on site!

Date ideas for when you have young children

 Dont give up on dating just because you or your partner has young children .

Top 5 dates with children.

!. A visit to the zoo or animal park.You will love showing them the animals.

2. Feed the ducks at a local park, this is  always fun & have a picnic lunch while there

3. go for a bike ride as you can get child seats for on  the back

4. 10 pin bowling , the child will have fun as well if you involve them

5.  A trip to a beach or river , make sandcastles together!


World-Traveler 8 months ago

That's the best! Doing things together to create memories of happy and fulfilling days. Memories are part of what relationships are based on. Good memories are like a strong foundation to a home.

suduthati 4 months ago

great ideas...I guess I should try them later on. Hmmm...interesting...


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    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks for the visit Anishwebmaster ! We have been married almost 5 years and still have fun dates ! We are in Spain exploring at the moment !

    • Anishwebmaster profile image

      Anish Kumar 

      6 years ago from Mundi Kharar, Mohali, Chandigarh, (Punjab)

      very nice hub.All the ideas are just fantastic.Really love your hub :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Sue Berry 7 weeks ago from Llanelli

      I love the post as here in South Wales UK it rains to continually or at least seems to!


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      After reading this I've all the ideas I need :) My boyfriend needs to know these, i'll just forward him this hub :)

    • Sue Berry profile image

      Sue Berry 

      6 years ago from Lanzarote

      I love the post as here in South Wales UK it rains tcontinually or at least seems to!


    • freecampingaussie profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Southern Spain

      If you have any other ideas for a romantic rainy day date please leave them here .


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