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Haunted Alabama, find out about all the haunted places in Alabama.

Updated on April 11, 2012

Haunted Alabama

Alabama was once occupied heavily by Native American's before the arrival of the white man. The tribes in the state were the Alabama , Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Koasati, and Mobile. Over the years the ghosts of Native American's have been reported all over Alabama.

In 1861 Alabama seceded from the USA to become a part of the Confederate States of America. The state furnished over 150.000 men to the Confederacy. After the Civil War was over the state was readmitted to the USA in 1868. Reconstruction times were very hard in Alabama and even today there are some areas of extreme poverty in the state.

Alabama also has its share of ghosts and paranormal activity and you can read all about it below and watch some very interesting videos.

St James Hotel Selma Alabama

Alabama ghost cementery

Shiloh Cemetery Ghost Hunting

The Haunted St James Hotel, Selma Alabama

The St James Hotel is the only surviving ante-bellum river front hotel in Selma. It was built in 1837 and has been in operation ever since. The name of the St James Hotel was originally, The Brantly. It operated under that name for the first 50 years. During the Civil War years the hotel was the headquarters of the Union Forces in the area.

In 1881 famous outlaws Frank and Jesse James took a break from robbing banks and stayed at the Brantly. The hotel was a favorite of the notorious outlaws and even today the ghost of Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda are seen often in and around the hotel. Lucinda's photo hangs downstairs and people who have seen her floating around the hotel say its the lady in the photo. Jesse James dog's ghost is also said to hang around the hotel. People have heard a dog barking and running up the stairs only to have it vanish.  

Sloss Furnaces Birmingham Alabama

Sloss Furnaces Birmingham Alabama. One of the most haunted places in Alabama.
Sloss Furnaces Birmingham Alabama. One of the most haunted places in Alabama.

CBS Investigates Sloss Furnace

Ghosts Adventures - Sloss Furnace

The Sloss Furnace is the most haunted place in central Alabama. The story goes that there was a foreman on the third shift who was very cruel and he worked the men on that shift so hard that there were a huge number of deaths on that shift. It is said that several men fell into the furnace and burned up alive. Paranormal activity at this location includes orbs , streaks of light , screams , voices where there are no other people and several ghost that have been known to appear in various locations over the years. Many paranormal investigations have been conducted here and they all say that the place is a hot bed of paranormal activity.

The videos to the right over there will tell you all about the paranormal activity that goes on every day at the Sloss Furnance. Many people who have visited the place claim there is something there watching them. Many refuse to visit Sloss a second time.  

McConnico Cemetery

One of the graves of the many confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery.
One of the graves of the many confederate soldiers buried in the cemetery.

In the year 1865 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Locklin saw the ghosts of 12 Union Soldiers riding across the cemetery. In 1983 several people saw the same or simular Union Calvary Men riding thru the cemetery. And again in 1999 there were reports of Union Calvary men riding through the cemetery and then simply vanishing. Near this cemetery is a large mass grave where over 200 Union soldiers were buried. Among those dead buried here were many Union Calvary Men.

A young woman in a brown dress is also seen in this cemetery. No one knows who she is or even if she is buried in the cemetery but people have reported seeing the brown lady ghost for over 100 years.  

Why Not Post Your Comments Below About The Ghosts Of Alabama.

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    • LGrey profile image

      LGrey 5 years ago from Alabama

      Good hub. Next time you should also include the face in the Pickens county courthouse. We went through there once when I was a kid and I became so freaked out we didn't even stop to look. My family just went on. I have always been sensitive to things like that, but I honestly can't say for sure if I felt something around there or if I was just a kid afraid to look at the face in the window! Oh, and sloss furnace has always kind of creeped me out, but it is also a cool place to attend a concert.

    • profile image

      Concerned 6 years ago

      You should write about the ghost bridge. Also how more than 90% of the youth in that poverty stricken area, are extremely but sadly and wrongly ignorant to their rightful history. That is only beyond the trees of theitlr own backyards. This area is haunted by lost souls. This is never taught in schools or put in the local news

    • profile image

      katy 6 years ago

      you should check out the woods in pinson AL

    • profile image

      mee 7 years ago

      you should write about albertville middle school it is haunted and i have witnessed it My friend left a recorder on all night and the next day he came back to watch it. on the video right before it was day light his chair wobbled fastly. then a blck figure ran across the room. that's not the only thing 2 girls saw two burned kids there watching them there was a fire a long time ago in the school killing tons of kids

    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 8 years ago from America

      I enjoyed your hub. My great-great-grandfather could have been one of those ghost Union soldiers.

    • profile image

      bithiah 8 years ago

      that's wats up

    • profile image

      Person Who Types 9 years ago

      i think you should write about ghost bridge up there in florence

    • profile image

      Beverly 9 years ago

      The site is good. I wish it was more in-depth. I live in Florence,Alabama and I have been a sensitive all my life,and as I age it just gets stronger and stronger I would love to hear from people here in Al that have so many years of this that they would like to talk about......because not many want to listen to what you live! Thanks!