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Shadow People Series: Peeking Shadow

Updated on April 28, 2010

Peeking Shadows

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Image Source Location:

Shadow People Known as Peeking Shadows

With this type of Shadow entity, people report a small being or shadow that is about the size of a pre-teen child - that is - a shadow around 3 feet tall, in most cases. These shadow beings don't seem to hold their form well and many who have encountered the Peeking Shadow beings say they're small and blob-like. Words like "black mass" or "mass of blackness" or "shadowy mass" are common in reports about shadow people that get classified as "Peeking Shadows."

*Note: The photo is not a great representation of the peeking shadows and shows more of a mix of shadow people types, including the peeking shadows. I'd say the peeking shadows are represented as the beings mid-picture, 'on the floor,' however, as many peeking shadows are strangely shaped, the well-formed shapes in the picture probably are meant to represent general depictions of shadow entities. Other photos I've seen show the 'peeking' type of shadow people as masses or blobs with upper section parts that are clearly person-like heads and shoulders. Often, in other depictions I've seen, there are multiple shadow people/peeking shadows represented in the picture but the mass is like a blob with actually several notable human-like heads - No "hood" noticeable and no apparent hat shapes of any kind.


Hey - RELAX just a bit here. It seems the peeking shadows are generally described as being of little effect to a person, other than if the person becomes very worried about these entities.

This is one of the shadow people types that doesn't appear to want to mess around with people very much. If a shadow person can be said to have 'behaviors' then the peeking shadows seem to just be sort of timid and curious...they don't typically stick around long and bother people, according to current accounts of people who describe this type of shadow entity.

Peeking Shadow People are also usually smaller than more-feared types like hatmen, "THE" dreaded "Fedora HATMAN" or the Old Hag.

ALSO - sorry to say (for those expecting ghosts and ghouls) - but this type of shadow person, in many cases, seems to be the effect of PAREIDOLIA. Pareidolia is that human brain/eye phemonenon whereby the brain insists on organizing things and making sense of patterns, so it makes random patterns that the eye picks up - into 'familiar things' whether the random pattern really looks familiar or not. The eye might be pickin up random images but the brain classifies what is seen as 'small human-looking beings' or 'vaguely human-shaped forms.'

On the other hand. NOT ALL instances reported appear to be a logical brain at work on classifying patterns into 'the familiar,' and shadow people of all types have been "HEARD" and have left an impression on other human senses, as well. These types still require investigation and for the general public to take people seriously when a peeking shadow experience is reported.

There are other instances where peeking shadows appear to be related to sleep paralysis, too, however, as stated above, these incidents and accounts from people who experience encounters need to be taken seriously and studied further.

We might be dealing with the mysteries of the human brain...or we might be dealing with the mysteries within parts of the universe we cannot yet examine with any great, scientific clarity.

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