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Untaught Scripture Truths for Disciples of Christ, Part 1

Updated on January 21, 2019

Untaught Scripture Truths for Disciples of Christ, Part 1

There are many scripture truths that you will not hear taught in most places. I am talking about things you must understand to be a real disciple of Jesus Christ. Which is saying that if you cannot understand the Lord Jesus Christ, who He really is, what His role is, what Authority He actually has, and what He really requires of His people, if you do not correctly and fully understand the scriptures about what He has done away with, the things in this world that He has changed and what He brought that was all NEW and different. That is why scripture requires those that would be His disciples to be filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit, to become of one Spirit with God and have access to ALL truth from the only place (according to scripture) that All Truth can be found, the very Spirit of God Himself. This series will teach and explain some of these important scriptures.

Please Read this Before we Begin. Here we teach scriptural truths that are not taught most places. These are essential truths that you cannot be a real disciple of Christ without properly understanding.

Because of this fact you must follow the scripture “do not be deceived my beloved brethren” and see that YOU are not deceived. In order to not be deceived you must not believe what I or any other man wants to teach you unless and until it has been confirmed in scripture and by the Holy Spirit of God to you Personally as Truth. That is your responsibility no matter who is teaching you.

In this study we will look at two scripture truths that are seldom mentioned or understood in what is today callled christianity. When they are mentioned they are usually not explained correctly.

This is the first study of this series.

Common beliefs taught in most churches

Most christians are taught and believe that Jesus and His ministry are continuations of the Old testament scriptures. Most also believe that the current church system is just the next step in the ongoing journey to the kingdom of God.

Most have been taught and believe that the ten commandments are for christians. And most believe that some or all of the laws of Moses apply to them today.

What does scripture say about these things and others? Let's check.

The age of the Israelites

First we need a little Background.

The previous age , the age of the Israelites was during the period of time that only those born of the Hebrew race could be children of God. There were a very few others that had a chance.

The Israelites had been chosen by God to be Solely His. BUT when God decided to make covenant with them they refused to be directly responsible to HIM and demanded He give them a king and man to go between them instead of serving God directly. God warned them that their choice would bring them much evil, that the man over them would all abuse them but still they demanded that God submit to them instead of submitting to God. The ten commandments and the laws of Moses are the result of their disobedient obstinance and are actually given as PUNISHMENT for rejecting God as King and God. They were not God's choices for them but were their own choice. So instead of mercy and forgiveness they were saddled with laws that controlled every aspect of their lives and harsh punishments, like death and NO CHANCE OF FORGIVENESS for their disobedience and failures.

ALL ten commandments and all the laws were GIVEN EXCLUSIVELY TO THE ISRAELITES, no one else was ever included in their covenant (the ten commandments and all the laws of Moses). THEY NEVER APPLIED TO ANYONE ELSE and never were intended to. They were all TEMPORARY, none were permanent, all were to end when the prophesied savior came, fulfilled them all and took their place.

If you read the scripture for yourself you will see this is truth.

The covenant of the Israelites with God included every step of their lives, what to do, how to do it, when to do it. Instituted a tithe to pay the clergy because they were not given land in the promise land, holidays when and where to observe them and complete details that NO MAN COULD KEEP. But it was all designed to show who God is and when a man could fulfill all of the them would be done and we would have the Messiah. Because there was to be ONLY one man anointed by God for the task.

Enter Jesus Christ, the son of God the man anointed by God.

Then in the course of time in the timing of God, He sends His son, a man like as we are, born the only way a man can come onto the earth since God finished creating all things, through the womb of a woman. This man was not God, He was sent to die and God cannot die. But He was filled with and controlled by the Spirit of God and anointed by God to act as and for God until the end of this age and this world.

What and why were there such radical changes brought by this God anointed man?

There was a problem from the first man created that will continue until the death of the last man born on this earth is judged at the day of the wrath of God. Only after all man have been judged and either allowed entry into the eternal kingdom of God or destroyed in the lake of fire will this problem be ended. The problem is called disobedience and is caused by the self will of man being allowed to control man instead of being filled with the Spirit of God and allowing it to control him, something that must be a personal choice.

Up until this man arrived on the earth only Israelites could be God's people. But do you also remember that all man are the descendants of one man. It all started when God CREATED one man and made one woman for Him. Then because of how evil natural man are, all living souls were destroyed in the flood and it started over with Noah and his family. But Adam and Eve were the father and mother of all man that ever were or ever will be born. In other words, ALL were born and equally of God until the age of the Israelites. Why did God choose them for their age? He chose them because they were a stiff necked and disobedient people. He chose them show us what the natural man left to his own devices is capable of. The natural man without the Spirit of God is a very evil person. So He used them to give us a picture of why WE need Him to be in control of our lives. That is why some of them will have a special place in eternity.

But as we know they were so evil that the KILLED the VERY SON OF GOD, they that did that will not enter eternity, but the blinders He put on the rest of Israel will be removed and many will become sons of God before the end. Those that have died will be judged by the rule of the age they lived in. Those of the the Age of Christ can only become a son of God by becoming disciples of Christ and doing all He requires like everyone else.

Since the ten commandments were given ONLY to the jews because they were, in that age the only people of God and were temporary, they were no longer in effect under Christ.

The Laws of Moses and all of the rules, clergy and everything included in the law was also temporary, until the law was fulfilled and they were also done away with upon being all fulfilled.

Most apostate man seem to believe that when a contract is fulfilled it can still remain in effect, but if all it covers is done, completed, fulfilled there is no more to do so it is no longer in use.

The temple and priesthood were also only given to the jews so they were also done away with when the law, which was to last until all of it was fulfilled, was also finished and done.

Everything that was part of the covenant between God and the Israelites was also fulfilled and finished when Jesus fulfilled all of it. Covenant means contract. Any contract that is completely fulfilled is finished, completed and is no longer in effect, .

The new covenant between Christ and Man

Now that the old covenant has been fulfilled and finished and passed away. God has delegated the man that did this to be His delegated authority and act in His place for this age. He has proven to be trustworthy, even Giving His life freely for those he has never met. God has delegated ALL of His Power and authority to Jesus for this age.

This means that Jesus is not God (God can not die ), but He is acting as and for God for the time that is delegated to Him, which in this case is to the end of this age. We know that the end of this age is the end of mankind, this world, and the beginning of eternity. Scripture tells us that Jesus will return all authority to God at the end of this age and will sit down with God, in submission to Him for eternity on a new earth that God will send down from heaven as He moves His throne to the new earth to live with and among his sons

We see that now Jesus is ruling in God's stead with all of His authority, He now is in charge of everything of God. So He gets to set up His own rules, which of course are God's rules because they are of ONE SPIRIT as all sons must be.

That means that nothing from earlier ages is carried forward to this the age of the rule of Christ. As is everything “in Christ” all things have become new. The ten commandments are gone, the laws are gone, the only thing remaining is God and He has put Jesus in charge, so Jesus is where we have to look for directions for living in this age,

What is different?

For that we must look to Jesus, Who does He say is eligible to become a son of God in this age? What does He say They must do to become a son of God. These are the important questions, are we gentiles able in this age to go to God as it was before the age of Israel? Are there clergy as in the age of Israel? Do we have to go to where God is? Do we have to observe any holidays? Do we have to only eat certain food? ?? ?? ?? Lets see what Jesus says about those things.

These and other seldom taught but necessary understandings will be continued in this series.To be continued in Part 2.

This series will be different than most of my articles as I will not use many scriptures and you will need to find them and determine what they say for your self. You will not see truth unless you are infilled with and allow the Holy Spirit to show you TRUTH.

I will be happy to answer any questions, you can use the comment or send me a private email.

Charles LaFoe

copyright 1/20/2019


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