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Visitation With An Angelic Presence

Updated on May 12, 2015

A Bad Day Gets GOOD!

Why Must We Suffer?

There are times in our lives we could use a little help from an angel especially when the pain is just too much to bear, such as with a chronic illness or the sudden emergency illness. Each of us have different ways of sensing the helping spirits, what a friend of mine aptly termed Helpers, rather than angels, in the unseen world. The term helpers makes them seem closer to us ordinary humans going here.

From my perception they are not allowed to interfere with your particular lesson plan (but don’t get the idea you’re supposed to suffer in silence, as it’s just not true!) unless you ask for help in a specific manner. They will come to some one that has reached the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, of their emotions. In other words, speaking personally only, the times I have been feeling desperate and been so far down that I didn’t know which way was up, was the times I encountered invisible help. I thought perhaps when we are at the bottom we emit some kind of radar in the etheric world that we need help immediately. That’s what I saw in a vision as to how this kind of asking gets a response from invisible helpers who specifically are assigned to the earth plane. Thus it could be so, that when these instant healings occur, that they are turning points in the lifestream. Although there may be few turning points in the life to look back upon, such an occasion sets you onto a slightly altered course where the consciousness has expanded sufficiently so that more good can enter your life because you are now able to accept some great truth about how healing can occur so fast, and we usually cannot help but take credit for it as if there was something about who we are that defined what we received. And while this is true, in that we prepare all our lives for this higher learning process, what happened in the end can be summed up, that it was the grace of God, sent in a messenger that lifted you and caused your revelation to become full blown and actualized in an instant. It is for simplicity’s sake, I call upon the word God, although you can name it something else and it also would fit. Perhaps we can call it the unknown God? For why else would I struggle so to make God known, if God were truly unknowable? Perhaps God is knowable. In increments of time and circumstance.

I accept God’s messengers. So often it turns out to be ordinary folk that are these messengers. However I’m to speak of the invisible helpers today.

I think most people, perhaps those called seniors among us especially have bottomed out once in a while due to our bodies just flat wearing out from so much living. Literally, it can seem like a miracle happens from out of the blue. Yet it’s not really an accident of healing if coincidences speak of destiny and the phrase “there are no coincidences” is a deep truth. A person actually has prepared their entire lives, through their philosophy, their studies of the unseen, of miracles, of the unknown, of the mystical, of memorized biblical phrases perhaps, and of reading the reports of modern day authors reporting on their own miracles, their own spiritual healing, their methods, their deepest thoughts they try their best to share. It all counts. Every thought we think counts in the end. Every jot and tittle as said long ago, is accounted for.

Taking Leaps Of Faith Is Doable, But Hard

A Helper For Every One

A Course in Miracles for example will say we must be prepared for miracles to become “miracle minded.” I think that means to if not exactly expect a miracle, than to be open-minded of the possibility of a miracle. When I read ACIM it said when I want something like a change in my life I must give forth a little willingness to see things differently. I thought to myself when reading that, oh certainly, I can at least have a little willingness to see things differently, even if I’m such a creature of habitual thinking patterns, I can let in a few cracks of sunlight now and again, it’s not that hard!

I didn’t know that I would be called upon to have a little willingness to see a bunch of things differently as I went along in life, but one thing at a time, yes, I can handle that OK.

It can be in that an invisible helper had assisted you, and you were only vaguely aware that some fortune had turned things around. Describing what happened can be the most challenging of challenges and we may not even attempt it for reasons of our own, one being an insufficient vocabulary.

Others among us have a more apt awareness of what occurred that got us on our feet again so quickly, just when the bottom was falling out because our vision or hearing, or 6th sense was operating. Yes, sometimes these happenings can be audible or visual or quite tactile according to your level of sensitivity, your metaphysical development, your belief system, I’m sure many things factor in to paranormal events.

Although I’ve told this story before a good true story bears repeating again and again until we all get it, that we can and do receive assistance from invisible helpers, whose name we may not even grasp, and in the final analysis, we didn’t need to know their name to receive the gift of healing they brought.

Just knowing they can be aware of our struggles and see us and understand our pathways may be enough for us often enough, knowing we never walk alone here.

There does seem to be a prerequisite for coming into contact with a helper. For one, believing they exist would be a preparatory state of mind to sense them besides being willing to encounter one.

For another thing you want a helper at your own level of consciousness and not one that is less developed, so you need to always qualify your inner desires with the idea that Higher Self or God’s will figures in there somewhere, and this to mean you place God first, and the ego desire must come second always. We don’t know what’s best for us. If in doubt about this statement, test it out. The ego always speaks first and loudest. The other voice is softer, truer, gentler than the ego voice, and yet the gentler voice has more power than the ego to actualize mankind’s best interests.

Am I Going To Die Right Now?

I was told at some point to go ahead and trust that the universe is in divine order despite my ego would say otherwise.

Here’s my angel story. I’m like an old Indian in my thinking but I was born into this modern civilization. I would rather carry on a conversation with an animal or plant than talk to a real person, yet that’s changing too. When it’s my time to die, you won’t find me in a hospital bed being shot up with painkillers while mourners stand about the bed holding get well cards. I will just know when it’s my time and I will be prepared to leave the body, just the way I came into it, as a ball of energy that I call me, with my particular characteristics and individuality. I do not know my spirit name unless it’s what some call me on the other side, Laughing Rain. It works for me, to remind my somber ego to laugh in the rain.

Now some new agers put this idea in my head that I can ascend taking the flesh with me, as in a transformed type of fast vibrating structure. I don’t know, maybe it’s true. Maybe I will just disappear then instead of leaving the body. Very strange to think about, but I’ve an open mind. Partially I go along defining my adventure, partially I’m curious to see what will happen to make me a liar.

Now I return to the angel visitor. She was feminine, I know that much. Spirit is ageless once we transition to the inner planes, so I could not define her being by an earthly age. I just sensed I was not alone in the room. Someone was there and if she had something to say, I was all ears and quite receptive. She might have been a nurse in one of her earth lives, she had been human before; she had a compassion and gentleness about her which spoke of Love, which spoke of peace. For sure she knew how to get me on my feet with just a few words. As I think about it, I may have known her in my Higher Soul, because I too, had been a nurse in a former life, and perhaps we had been friends in that life. When they come to you, they always feel like long lost friends and very familiar.

Introductions did not seem necessary at the moment. I was in pain. I was even thinking I could die this very moment; an old lady with cats. In a trailer somewhere in the desert. No one would know for days because seldom did I have visitors. I tell you these thoughts as that was what I was thinking then, at that moment before I was asked by the angel to make a decision. A decision that would make me stand up, even if pain would be the only reward for standing up and I fell back down only to die. It's so nice when you finally figure out what being a decisive person really means. It's a powerful revelation is what it is.

This had happened before, that I become incapacitated, unable to move because things wouldn’t stay in place in my back. Little bones were popping out of joint. It’s a bitch. It had made me sleep most of the day away when it had happened before. That time I had struggled over to the computer and asked a friend in Tennessee, a healer type friend who loved me, to pop these things back into place. He had and I had gotten a miracle from a flesh and blood angel that time. Now years later, I was back in the same desperate situation.

For me, the way I buzz, I would never call 911. Forget it. Like I said I am not a modern person who believes in the AMA or a health insurance system which tries to dictate what type of practioner I can go see. A chiropractor, yes probably. But I don’t do drugs and I don’t want to be pinned together by metal. It’s harder to stay alive here than to die is my belief. I realize I’m taking away someone’s job security. I can’t help it. I’m stubborn that way. If everybody thought the way I do, we’d probably have quite a body turnover on earth. I’m telling you this to try to point out my life was supposed to happen just the way it did, so that I’d write about it perhaps, so that perhaps one other person would also be moved and receive a miracle the same. Then if we can effect just one person in our lives for something good to happen that’s how we help each other get through the hard times here.

Whatever was wrong with me, it was probably a bit late to go see a chiropractor as I couldn’t even make it to the phone. There I was, flat on my back AGAIN! I was OK if I just laid still. The angel I met was viewing an old Indian laying there waiting to die.

I Didn't Know It Was So Easy To Be Pain Free

Then my thoughts turned towards my lovely daughters. Nothing like family to make you think twice before exiting the earth stage left too soon. What if, I thought they come from miles away only to find my rotting corpse laying here, and not even a chance to send that thing off properly? Oh dear. I must rethink this, old Indian or not.

I could lay there and think these thoughts all I wanted, the brain and mind were working fine even if the back vertebrae were out of kilter. It only hurt when I moved; so I didn’t move. Then I felt something give up inside me. I stopped resisting, that I, of all people would find myself in this helpless position. After all I said to myself, I knew all about healing techniques, about mind over matter, so on and etc. but now all my study had come to naught it seemed.

I didn’t move, that is, until the angel persuaded me that I should try. At first before I knew there was this presence in the room she had put the thought in my head to try and move again, upright, not crawling on the floor. It seemed like a ridiculous thought because even crawling had become too painful, let alone standing upright. Then began a back and forth conversation with this angel and it no longer felt like self dialogue at all. I know the difference as I do a lot of self talk. This angel had an energy about her that was urgently impressive, yet strongly faithful to principles of what was true and what was false. I had reached so very hard in the previous 2 or 3 days to understand the truth in ACIM that a Son of God cannot be ill. I knew I was a Son of God so why had the Son of God fallen ill? Read on to discover we don't have to be ill at all if we can train the mind to be miracle minded.

I had read in ACIM that I could not be tired as it was not God’s will for us to be sick and tired; but yet we could want to believe that we couldn’t be tired and sick, but the ego didn’t know how, by itself, to cross that threshold. I was feeling like I was jumping off a cliff to consider standing up and walking. Exactly so.

So, when you're in the ego self, you’re in your pain body. I argued for a bit with the angel about how painful it would be to stand up and that’s when she said “I will assist you.”

POW! Suddenly that was when I became fully aware HEY! There really IS a presence in the room with me! It’s not just self talk after all! This is the moment I gave myself over to her care. For one thing, this is not the kind of self talk I have done. The words “I will assist you” I have never said to myself. If I were talking to myself I would have said something like have faith. Do yourself a faith healing. I believed her. At first, I didn’t expect a healing, the idea was just to get on my feet and if it was painful, to try to walk anyway and bear up under the pain. Now the concept of a helper there changed my attitude sufficiently to know I could lean into her, that she was telling the truth, she could and would help me.

Could We Entertain Angels Without Even Knowing It?

Do it now she said with that same urgency and faith she had. So I mustered up courage from somewhere and first the upper part of the torso sat up. I swear it felt energized from beyond already and I was surprised it was easy so far. My eyes followed something invisible. I’m sure it was her my inner vision fastened on. Good, good I could feel her thoughts, now arise to your feet, I’m still here. Slowly, carefully I moved a leg into position to accept weight. Still, no pain! Not wanting to get over-confidant about these things I slowly put weight onto the foot now on the floor and then balanced my weight unto the other foot as well; still nothing, no pain. Then she said straighten your back now, all the way, don’t crouch like that. Still so far so good! Then she said now walk to the bathroom. I did and I was walking entirely pain free after 3 or 4 days of pain, and knowing there was something seriously going wrong with my back vertebrae, now it was completely gone except for the memory.

It was nearly like having someone’s arms holding me, supporting me when I stood up, except it was nonphysical arms and more like being encapsulated in an energy bubble. She hadn’t been fooling when she said she would assist me.

Now I know I was preparing myself to become miracle minded for a good many years. That’s another story. As far as this story is concerned my real beginnings began when I accepted that everything ACIM said was true and factual. ACIM had said we were the sons of God and that the son of God cannot be sick, and that if miracles weren’t happening, then something has gone wrong.

I did not understand how I could be ill then if I believed everything that book said. It turns out when I read it back in the 80s, the book had told me to seek an experience of it’s truth, and so I set out on my journey to test out the theory I found in it. That I could not be sick and that I was like everyone else, a son of God who does make himself sick by thinking. It is thinking that makes it so! So I trained my mind, bit by bit to think about miracles, to become miracle minded. I wanted to be a teacher of God and not always just the student of angels.

That day I swam in a sea of gratitude, hope, love and all those emotions we all could use a lot more of. The lady angel went on her way, perhaps to answer the call of another who was in trouble here and needed to know, we don’t have to suffer pain and illness because the Son of God cannot be ill. Illness is not the truth of our souls, it is only an experience we go through until we finally know who we really are and how love sets us free to be healthy and whole even into old age.

There really is no judgement so harsh as self judgement. Therefore I don't judge myself that I don’t fit into traditional healing establishments. Truth and love can be found in many places both traditional and untraditional, but one thing I know for sure now, it can also be INSTANT! And that’s what we call a miracle as a change of mind, or when desperate like what happened to me you could just get a visit from an angel. For starters, you could just consider whatever painful or uncomfortable situation you are going through with the body or otherwise, it is temporary and it's really a belief system. Reaching out to change your mind about what you will believe can change the course of your life. You are so much more than you think you are. Be of good cheer for things are changing in our world rapidly for the better.


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