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Witchcraft and Broom Magic

Updated on July 21, 2011

The common, everyday household broom is a good luck as well as a fertility symbol and has been playing a magical role in the lives of people since ancient times. One of the earliest known rituals can be traced back to the broomstick. While men could occasionally be seen straddling pitchforks, most often they hopped aboard their brooms and went dancing and leaping through the fields in a fertility ritual for abundant crops. The leaping was supposed to simulate how high the crops were going to grow. This is probably where the idea that witches fly around on broomsticks came from.

The Magic Broom

During the harrowing times of the witch trials of Europe and America, many refused to sweep after the sun went down in order to keep from being suspected of witchcraft. This strict adherence to that rule has been passed down through generations. Today, despite the fact that brooms are thought to bring good fortune, according to many people, it is unlucky to sweep after sunset.

In Europe, our recent ancestors would wall brooms up in their houses during construction and even hang crossed brooms over their front doors to ward off evil and provide their homes with protection. Swinging a magic broom while outside is supposed to bring rain. If you happen to have an unwanted guest in your home, one way to utilize your broomstick is to lean the handle toward them and visualize them leaving. According to this old folk charm, it is believed the guest will promptly feel uncomfortable and get on their way soon.

Try Out Your Own Magic

Negative energies and bad luck be gone with some old-fashioned broom magic! With this bit of broom magic, you can clear your home of negative influences and bad luck. If you do not already own a good broom, obtain one made of corn or straw. It is essential to give the broom a smudging to clear it of all prior influences. (For smudging ceremony, see link below.)

Prepare yourself for sweeping. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

Work your way slowly from the front of your house toward the back, ritually sweeping each room. If you have carpet, sweep over it as well. The going may be more difficult here, but try to persevere. Focus intently as you sweep on the bad vibes, unwanted energies, and negativity being swept away with the dust. At the back door, have a dustpan waiting for the physical and ethereal “dust” you have collected and sweep it in. Then, empty the dirty dustpan into the trash, which will be taken out of your home permanently.


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