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How to apply eyelash extensions

Updated on May 22, 2014
False eyelash application
False eyelash application

Turn to false eyelashes

Do you want to make your eye lashes look thicker without using mascara only? Why not learn how to apply false eyelashes? So you could do them yourself at home. We all know a girl's got to look good... like always! For those of you women who have soft, light eyelashes, those of you who would just love to add a more stylish look to your facial appearance. Why not apply false eyelashes?

how to apply fake eyelashes
how to apply fake eyelashes

Individual lashes vs Strip lashes

Personally I prefer to use individual lashes simply because they look more natural than strip lashes when correctly applied.  With individual eyelashes the lashes blend into your real lashes sinces there is no track holding these lashes together. With strip lashes there is a fine track holding the lashes together and if someone looks closely it can be seen expecially if the lashes are not correctly applied. However, individual lashes take alot more time to apply than strip eyelashes. While strip lashes take about 5 minutes, individual lashes take about 30 minutes.

Stip lashes vs individual lashes

Which one do you prefer?

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how to apply false eyelashes
how to apply false eyelashes

False eyelash application

Things you would need for false eyelash application:

  • eyelash adhesive(eyelashes glue)
  • tweezer
  • eyelashes of course
  • mascara

eyelah application
eyelah application

How to apply fake eyelashes

Ok, now that you have everything that you need lets get to it. Firstly I would tell you how to apply individual lashes.

Before you take out any of the individual eyelashes squeeze some adhesive on the top of the case which holds them, then using the tweezer pick out one eyelash, the size you prefer. Then dip the end, where the two strands of hair are joined in it, after doing so blow it to dry the glue a little. Now stick the individual lash exactly where your real eyelash grows out, make sure that it is curling up and not down. Keep applying more eyelashes until you get the look you want. When every lash is on, then use the mascara to blend the fake lashes and the real lashes together.

Now, how to apply stip lashes. Firstly you will need to take the strip lash and place it ontop you lashes without glue, just to see if the lenght is right or if it needs to be trimmed a bit. Put some glue on the end of the tweezer (the handle part) then slowly apply the glue to the end of the stip lash, then blow. Now stick the eyelash from the inner corner of the eye, to the outer corner. Remember to stick as close to the natural lashes as possible and make sure the ends are sticked properly, this is very important. Use the tweezer to put a little pressure where the lash is attached.

Now there you have it, you learnt how to apply eyelash extension.

how to apply eyelashes
how to apply eyelashes

How to remove fake eyelashes

After learning how to apply eyelash extensions, you would need to learn how to remove them. Here is want you need to remove fake eyelashes ,you would need a Q-tip and a bottle of eyelash adhesive remover. Dip the Q-tip in the bottle of remover. Then close your eye tightly, and slowly and carefully rub the Q-tip at the base of the eyelash from corner to corner until the lashes come off. After the lash has removed itself wipe your eye with a wet napkin, before you reopen your eye.

how to apply eyelash extensions
how to apply eyelash extensions


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    • profile image

      Zam 3 years ago

      Your blog is also my favorite of the ones I read. You have inirsped me to get out to the thrift stores this year and I have found some great treasures there! It sure beats the cheap trendy clothes found in the mall. This might be the year I start my own blog! Keep up the inspriration, oh and I would love to see some more pictures of your new house.Happy New Year, and cheers to you!Kelly

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      Sie 3 years ago

      The floppy ears are relaly strange... they make him look more like Mighty Bat!I'm glad to see that the same amount of "careful thought and craftsmanship" went into Terrytoons-based toys as went into the cartoons themselves.Which was the worst and most cheap-ass of all the old-time cartoon studios, Terry or Lantz? At least Lantz had Tex Avery and Dick Lundy directing for a while.I have yet to see one decent Terrytoon, except for a few from the Gene Deitch era: the usual shoestring budgets were still in effect, but at least the scripts and the voices and the character designs were funny.I wasn't around in the 40's and 50's, so I can only I can only imagine the collective groan that must have gone up from theater audiences when the Terrytoons logo flashed on the screen.

    • profile image

      sasabeauty 3 years ago

      Wow. Everyone who's fond of or are thinking of putting on false lashes must read this. I agree that sometimes, these false lashes may be tricky but with the right moves, you'd be done in no time. Maybe before you should try them for the first time, go to someone who's an "expert" at putting them on.

    • mathslover profile image

      mathslover 5 years ago from Barbados

      thank u

    • saif113sb profile image

      saif113sb 6 years ago

      Very nice and great information hub.