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Ten Types of People You Are Likely to Find in a Cyber Café

Updated on June 30, 2020
Nyamweya profile image

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Every place has its own kind of people and so are cyber cafes. While there are those who spend the day perusing through updates on social media pages, others are addicted betting gurus whose work revolves around analyzing and placing bets. There are also the sales representatives working for certain companies but making calls from the cyber as if they are in the company. Don’t forget users who wear skimp clothing that expose the better part of their bodies in the name of “they are not in the official office”. Here are ten types of people you will most likely meet at typical Kenyan cyber café.

The betting enthusiast

This one is usually among the first to arrive in the cyber café and as much as you may think that he is doing an official job, the better part of the day is spent analyzing and placing bets. Once on the desktop, his first destination is on his favorite betting site, followed by sports prediction sites which he compares vis-a-vis before making his own analysis and bets. The consistent losses on his betting account don’t seem to deter him from this “job”.

The Snooper

Rather than focus on what brought them on the cyber, this one will be spying on other users and finding out what they are doing. They will be looking through other people’s pages and laughing secretly at what they see. They are also very keen to see your inbox and find out what you are chatting with the other person on the other hand. They don’t even care or get pissed off after being found out by the user on their spying tendencies by continue checking out on the pages you have opened.

The Social Media Guru

She spends most of her time flipping through different social media pages. If she is not on facebook checking through updates while laughing to herself, then she is on tit-kok or sharing photos on Instagram. She is the kind of person who likes showing herself off on social media, including things which are out of reality on her part.

The Sales Representation

This one is probably a freelance sales person but is doing her operations from the cyber cafes. You will occasionally hear her making calls to her potential customers that she is so and so and calling from this or that company yet she is sitting at some corner of a cyber café.

The computer illiterate

This one doesn’t know anything to do with computers or internet. He will be requesting the cyber attendant to assist in opening his email account while giving out all his details including password. If you tell him to find letter T on the keyboard, he will take eternity to find it. He is also unaware of how to open Youtube or Facebook.

The Youtube Fanatic

He will be hooked to Youtube throughout watching latest music or videos. You will be astonished with his love for the site when he changes content every now and then. At one time, you will be seeing him engaged in action movie, and the next destination is gengetone. After this, he will be engaged with online commodities before reviewing last night’s game between Asernal and Man-U on the same platform.

The online writer

She set base at the cyber café which she turned to her workplace. Her main work is online related and includes writing articles and doing assignments for other students. She probably has her own laptop and she has negotiated with the cyber man for subsidized rates since she is a regular customer.

The one economists

This one does not subscribe to the idea of enriching cyber owners through unnecessary stay in the cyber. As such, he will not spend over two minutes at the cyber. He makes sure to limit the time used as much as possible to avoid “unnecessary expenditure”. After sending the CV through his email, he will proceed by disconnecting the internet and cyber-pro operator so that it doesn’t continue counting minutes. He will be seen arguing with the attendant for asking him to pay ksh 10 yet he only spent two minutes.

The show-offs

The focus of these dudes will be to show off whatever they have to anyone who bothers to care at the cyber. If it is not exposing their bodies (as of those walking half naked to the cuber café), they will be exposing their expensive phones which they just brandish at the cyber desks or even their boyfriends on social media.

The gamers

Yes, as much as it is unbelievable, there are users who are interested on internet but are addicted to computer games. They will be playing poker, roblox, fortinite, Forza, or cards for a very long time As much as you are despising them for wasting time, which is where they derive pleasure from.


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