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Joined 9 years ago from Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan




Currently in a Tokyo area but want to get out of here and live in less populated city with better environment once I am successful with my own business.

I have lived in Dallas and Arlington, Texas and southern California (north west suburb of Los Angeles) for several years. 

I enjoy travel, photography, reading, skiing, the Net, and recently forex trading.

If you can read Japanese, please visit my Japanese website on AFN and/or FX (forex).

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  • How to Eat at a Yoshinoya (and Save, of course)

    How to Eat at a Yoshinoya (and Save, of course)

    9 years ago

    In my first hub, I just mentioned what is good about eating at a local fast-food restaurant or inexpensive eatery in Tokyo; it's more economical and, at the same time, exciting that restaurants dedicated for...