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hi there, i'm a pet portrait (amateur) artist and all round animal lover and - i like to think - a bit of a campaigner. ok, it has been more of a 'virtual campaigner' but who says the internet doesn't have its uses?! i have learnt so much from Facebook alone - in the good way :-)

i live in Scotland with my hubby and our small family of furkids; one day, i suspect, it won't be quite as 'small' as it is now - which is still bigger than a lot of people's idea of small, i'm sure.

i've always loved to write, but have been quite lazy in the past few years. i am mostly interested in non-fiction, and have a few things i wanna write about, so hopefully one day i can pull it together. i do feel quite a bit of fear when it comes to tackling the dreaded blank page, but once i get going, i love it.....just need to keep practicing. looking forward to meeting fellow Hubbers and learning new tips.

oh, i'm also thinking of doing an Open Uni course, or some non-fiction course online. we'll see. so many things to remember to do, right?!

thank you for reading and i hope someone will join me, and enjoy some of my stuff :-)

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