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My name is Alexis but I prefer Ashton.  I'm 24, a Penn State grad, working at Amazon, and just discovering what I really wanna do my time.  What a place to be at in life.  So add aspiring dietitian to that list.  I have a beautiful girlfriend name Rachel, a little black furry princess cat named Taj, an apartment with two of my best friends, and a pretty sweet whip that I got almost completely by myself.  So I guess that's most of what makes up the physical me.  The rest of me is a tad more.... 

Interesting, you could say, as it would be with everyone else.  I didn't try very hard in school because I had no direction.  I haven't spoken to my mom since 2010.  I've made a decision to be a better person, not so angry, healthier, and follow through with my goals and dreams.  I'm determined to not end up in a warehouse for the rest of my life.  I love creating beautiful things.  I'm reslly good at the claw machines with the stuffed animals.  I have serious anxiety.  I'm, somehow, very good at reading people.  I'm pretty quiet at first because of that, I'm observing and reassessing my initial judgments about you.  I give you my complete trust at first but I don't reinstate it easily.  I have few friends and many acquaintances.  I have a very loud laugh and I'm not sorry for it.  Everything makes me cry.  I wish my best friend was Bumblebee (transformers).  Idk, I guess I'll write more as I think of it :)

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  • My Zombie Proof Compound

    My Zombie Proof Compound

    2 years ago

    Yes, I'll admit right up front, I believe there will be a zombie apocalypse. Maybe not in my lifetime, but why should that mean I have to miss out on all the Doomsday planning? That's the fun part!