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I'm finding it really hard to write about myself without it sounding like a dating profile.  I'm a passionate liberal and feminist so you probably wouldn't want to date me anyway. 

I like books, hockey, beer, ane traveling. I hate the beach so definitely don't want to take long walks on one. 

I love winter and snow, and I tend to start getting excited about Christmas in July.

I'm an atheist and I believe this life is all we have - so have fun and be nice to each other.  In the words of Isaac Brock, a (probably really high) lyrical genius: "Someday you will die somehow and something's gonna steal your carbon."  Enjoy it while it's yours.

I also believe in the Oxford comma. Fight me.

I'll leave you with perhaps the most important things:  I can rap every word to Clint Eastwood without fail and I'll never not be proud of myself for getting Final Jeopardy right. 

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