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Writing hubs is something i do to both keep my own memories and experiences alive.

I really enjoy reading other hubs and for me it is a way to relax, learn and share.

I have a medical background and have worked in pharmaceuticals. For 7 years i specialised and worked with wound therapy and witnessed many patients winning their fight to keep limbs and in some cases their life. When i first started working with NPWT there were only a few people in the world working with this but thankfully today their are thousands. It is still a relatively new therapy but definately one that is worth knowing about. There are no wounds too small, too large or bad enough to be treated with negative pressure. It is often the cost that will be an issue.........however, the more people that know about it, the more that use it , the bigger the competition between supplying company's! Competition reduces monopolies and thereby reduces cost which leads to more patients being treated. So please read my hubs ( although some are quite yuckie , sorry ) but you can help save a life too if you know what is available and can tell others about it. I would also like to add that i am not selling this product and do not earn any money from wound care i just really care.

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