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I love Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical movies and TV Shows in addition to anime, gaming and tabletop roleplay.

I also love both DC and Marvel

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  • Aquaman and Thor: A Comparison

    Aquaman and Thor: A Comparison

    15 months ago

    Aquaman is one of the most vilified superheroes in comic book history. But is that reputation deserved? Here is a list of comparisons between DC's Aquaman and one of Marvel's powerful Avengers, Thor.

  • Superman: Doomsday (2007) Movie Review

    Superman: Doomsday (2007) Movie Review

    15 months ago

    An epic, suitably violent animated movie from DC. Though a little too condensed next to the source material, it is nevertheless gripping and highly entertaining. Definitely recommended for all DC fans

  • Pixels (2015 Movie) Review

    Pixels (2015 Movie) Review

    15 months ago

    Taking inspiration from the video games of the 1980s, "Pixels" is likely to be fun and entertaining for a young audience. Overall however it is, ultimately, missable.

  • Forbidden Empire (Viy) (2015) Movie Review

    Forbidden Empire (Viy) (2015) Movie Review

    15 months ago

    "Forbidden Empire", also known as "Viy", is a beautifully-made Russian fantasy movie. Though the plot is disjointed and confusing at times, it is nevertheless a pleasure to watch.