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I write.  The end.

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  • Haikupalooza


    2 years ago

    As close as one pole To the other--distance far Near enough to touch If I could kiss you Then those demons would forget The head they once held The imperfection In the table holds the truth The...

  • Haiku Parade

    Haiku Parade

    5 years ago

    The seconds were split Like hairs on my head, the birth Of standing too still I am packed to ship Insured, but I still shatter Return to sender This band will not play Nor will it stretch anymore ...

  • Haikus: I'm addicted

    Haikus: I'm addicted

    5 years ago

    My life is not wrapped No beautiful paper nor With a bow on top Veins and arteries Once well-hidden in my chest Pour out like stale tears I was not cheap but You sold me down the river To conquer...

  • Haiku time

    Haiku time

    5 years ago

    And when I woke up I saw pieces of you there Like jigsaw puzzles When my ship came in The harbor was closed that day They don't take rain checks Letters from Brazil Break my heart with a hammer Shatter my glass...

  • Soul's Spear

    Soul's Spear

    5 years ago

    The candy cane print wrapping paper lines The inside of my empty “Christmas” soul Cries out for salvation and infamy from The bells that ring outside every store And in every heart, fibers know the...

  • Revolutionary Reconstruction: A Metamorphosis

    Revolutionary Reconstruction: A Metamorphosis

    5 years ago

    I drank from the cup Full of falsity I ate from the vine Poignant poison Surrounded by faces Of hate and distaste Drinking and eating Fatal feast I bathed in the glory Untouchable I toweled...

  • More haikus

    More haikus

    5 years ago

    The fur tumbleweed Dances across the hardwood Floor is its desert Jingle bells jingle Each time the door opens up Shut it. I'm not home. If you can see mine Through my eyes there would be hope ...

  • Haikus


    5 years ago

    Everyone hates What everyone else loves Stones hurt no longer Once upon a time Seems so far removed, extract the marrow of me Knock, knock. Who is there? I've lost my sense of humor. "You be strong." Strong...

  • Fictitious Hope

    Fictitious Hope

    5 years ago

    Hope is not a thing with feathers You are mistaken, dear Emily It has legs, not flying but running Across the rugged track Where all athletes must follow There is no finish line to cross The race is a winding continuum...

  • To G: My Best Friend

    To G: My Best Friend

    5 years ago

    It sits next to the vintage vent It’s lost its letter and lost its will Dust covered and hate-laden It is a forgotten G in the light The vent, it only brings more, More dust upon the lore Of what it...

  • Dining Room Wall in December

    Dining Room Wall in December

    5 years ago

    The red velvet casts A shadow from the lights That is judgmental It sees what they don’t see The fur-lined felt mocks Twice, once for pure fun, The other out of spite We see what they don’t...

  • The Charmin Toilet Paper Commercials With Bears:  If A Bear Goes In Woods…?

    The Charmin Toilet Paper Commercials With Bears: If A Bear Goes In Woods…?

    5 years ago

    There are many commercials that irritate me on television these days, but the mother of all of them is the Charmin toilet paper commercials with the animated bears. I know that I am pondering what kind of toilet paper,...

  • The Weight of Winter

    The Weight of Winter

    5 years ago

    Snow-covered pine trees Hang heavy like broken hearts Even branches break I love this one! This has a sad tone to it, nevertheless its beautiful! Thank you both. This is lovely. The burden of cold, bitter snow...

  • My Love/Hate Relationship with Adele

    My Love/Hate Relationship with Adele

    5 years ago

    I remember hearing her sing for the first time on Saturday Night Live in 2008. “Chasing Pavements” blew me away. I remembered having a similar experience on 2005’s SNL when James Blunt sang...

  • Trichotillomania:  Getting to the “Root” of This Disturbing Affliction

    Trichotillomania: Getting to the “Root” of This Disturbing Affliction

    5 years ago

    Trichotillomania is hair loss from repeated urges to pull or twist the hair until it breaks off. I would know…I have a slight form of it. To me, it’s just as common as someone who bites his or her...

  • How To Talk To Your Child’s Teacher When You Have An Issue:  Ways To Help, Not Hinder The Situation

    How To Talk To Your Child’s Teacher When You Have An Issue: Ways To Help, Not Hinder The Situation

    5 years ago

    In my first three years of teaching high school, I thought I knew it all. I had the same mentality of a rebellious teenager, but I was armed with a college degree and a classroom full of students. Fifteen years later, I...

  • The Flexibility of Friction

    The Flexibility of Friction

    5 years ago

    I stood above her that day. I knew I looked at them. I must have. It would have been impossible to have missed them. They were overlapped and lay gracefully on her mid-section in plain sight. But no matter how hard...

  • Topix.com:  Your news.  Your town.  Your take.  Your worst nightmare.

    Topix.com: Your news. Your town. Your take. Your worst nightmare.

    5 years ago

    Topix.com portrays itself as "...the leading news community on the Web, connecting people to the information and discussions that matter to them in every U.S. town and city." At first glance, the novice web...