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Insanely obsessed with anything involving 'cracking the code', I am an AppleScript and Mac OS Aficionado. Self-taught for the most part, I have learned a lot, but have so much more I want to learn, so that others may benefit from my knowledge.

My first programming experience was in MacPascal and TurboPascal back in the early 80's. At the time, there really was no such thing as scripting and anyone who knew anything about programming was considered a computer nerd or techie.

My first serious scripting experience was with HyperCard and HyperTalk. When AppleScript support came along in the late 80's, I started using it almost exclusively.

Around 1994 or so, I started learning HTML and JavaScript, along with AppleScript and blogging. Since around the fall of 1997, I have been writing databases with FileMaker. In addition to writing FileMaker solutions, I am also currently developing GUI scripts, learning UNIX, and shell scripts for AppleScript and for use in Terminal.

I am a 1988 graduate of The Ohio State University with a BA in Linguistics, I have travelled Europe extensively and have a good working knowledge of a number of European Languages.

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  • Free AppleScript Code for Pages

    Free AppleScript Code for Pages

    3 days ago

    Descended from AppleWorks, Pages is a new generation MacOS X App with extensive AppleScript documentation. Since Pages is a relatively new, I will present some scripts that help ease the transition.

  • AppleScript and Microsoft Word

    AppleScript and Microsoft Word

    2 weeks ago

    AppleScript code for Microsoft Word, Word 2004,Word 2008,text object of active document,font object,content of text object,save as

  • Free AppleScripts for the Finder

    Free AppleScripts for the Finder

    6 days ago

    Free AppleScript code for Finder, Script Editor window,open document file..,open application file..,rename folder,sort folder,tell menu,click menu item,offset,front Finder window,tell Finder window 1

  • AppleScript and Shell Scripting

    AppleScript and Shell Scripting

    2 weeks ago

    Shell Scripts and Terminal. While most of us who write scripts with AppleScript will never do a lot of scripting with bash, when combined with shell scripting AppleScript can be very powerful !

  • Advanced AppleScript Code

    Advanced AppleScript Code

    7 days ago

    Advanced AppleScripts. For reasons of logic, because the original site was becoming rather large, some of the posts you find here were moved from the primer site for those who are beyond the basics

  • AppleScript and FileMaker

    AppleScript and FileMaker

    6 days ago

    Learning How to Write FileMaker Pro Scripts for Beginners. Free AppleScripts for those who are new. Many scripts are a mix of AppleScript and FileMaker.

  • Free AppleScript Code Examples

    Free AppleScript Code Examples

    12 days ago

    Write AppleScript Code,free AppleScripts of display dialog,display alert,choose from list,finder,choose file,choose file name,choose folder,choose application,choose color,Finder,TextEdit

  • AppleScripts for Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    AppleScripts for Graphical User Interface (GUI)

    7 days ago

    Graphical User Interface with AppleScript,Free AppleScript code for Apps with no support,System Events,click menu item,click text field,click radio button,click pop up button 1,tell checkbox 1 to

  • More Advanced AppleScript Code

    More Advanced AppleScript Code

    4 days ago

    For those of you who still cannot get enough AppleScript to feed your fix, some more free applescript code,Finder,Microsoft Word,Pages,AppleWorks,PowerPoint,TextEdit,iTunes,POSIX paths,database events

  • Free AppleScripts for AppleWorks 6

    Free AppleScripts for AppleWorks 6

    6 days ago

    Free AppleScript Code, AppleWorks 6 is highly scriptable,property,set properties of every text,Creating a New Document,make new document with data,set size of selection to 14,set style of selection

  • AppleScript Explained in Plain English

    AppleScript Explained in Plain English

    2 weeks ago

    Tips and tricks, how to understand entries found in AppleScript Dictionary within AppleScript Editor,AppleWorks 6,Finder,TextEdit,FileMaker Pro,FileMaker Pro Advanced,Microsoft Word

  • AppleScript and the Internet

    AppleScript and the Internet

    2 weeks ago

    Free AppleScripts,internet, applescript code,Image as Web Page,google maps code,firefox,open location,Apple Mail,Gmail and Firefox,Safari,AppleWorks 6