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I'm interested in a lot of different things including Egyptology, Vampires, Paganism, Celtic Shamanism and parnormal studies. You can learn more at my Arden Baird Lens Contact Me!

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  • Adult Halloween Punch Recipes

    Adult Halloween Punch Recipes

    4 years ago

    What's a party without punch? Halloween punch gives you another great excuse to bring out the dry ice, cob webs and plastic spiders. I mean, really, when else are you gonna get to use all that stuff you couldn't resist...

  • Star Trek Themed Drinks

    Star Trek Themed Drinks

    5 years ago

    What's a Star Trek party without Bloodwine and Warp Core Breaches? Dullsville. But don't worry, help is here. This lens is a collection of all the "Star Trek" drinks I can find. I've got a pretty good collection of...