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Hello, I studied English literature and I'm a writer on various topics. I love writing and I'm looking forward to the work,


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  • Schoolboy Q Drops Blank Face

    Schoolboy Q Drops Blank Face

    9 months ago

    Blank Face is finally here, satisfying most of the fans. Is it already a new TDE masterpiece?

  • Piñata Already a Classic

    Piñata Already a Classic

    9 months ago

    Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have teamed up for a masterpiece two years ago. The album is still vibrant and sounds like it came out yesterday.

  • The Shield Still Holds Its Own

    The Shield Still Holds Its Own

    9 months ago

    The Shield remains at the top on the list of the shows, which are trying to keep you on the edge from start to finish.

  • My Blood Pressure Battle

    My Blood Pressure Battle

    9 months ago

    Not being a master chef, I managed to poison myself with food two years ago. I suddenly felt dizzy to the point where I couldn't walk.. and it didn't stop for days.

  • David Letterman or Stephen Colbert?

    David Letterman or Stephen Colbert?

    9 months ago

    Stephen Colbert has been going at it for a while now- so is he as good as Letterman?

  • Radiohead's Return

    Radiohead's Return

    9 months ago

    Radiohead are still at it. Quarter of the century later and they are still surprising us with new future classics. A Moon Shaped Pool is the latest one to get into and you shouldn't miss it.

  • Beauties of Hoi An

    Beauties of Hoi An

    9 months ago

    Going to Hoi An was my first time in Asia. The unique culture and the people sucked me into a new world of mystery and beautiful places.