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I believe that human mind is free to think and there should be no restrictions on thought process. We must respect all school of thoughts--even if they are dead against our's. Exchange of ideas cause growth of knowlege and help understand each other's point of view.   

Love to read on almost any topic. Hobbies include; Gardening, Pets, Cooking, Home making, Autos, Reviving old stuff, Fishing,  Sports, Documentaries, Talk-shows, Movies, photography etc

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  • Is Paper Money Islamic?

    Is Paper Money Islamic?

    17 months ago

    The article explains that Islamic Laws of Riba/Interest were actually meant for Gold currency which does not depreciates. Using them on Paper Money is not fair or logical.

  • Halal Meat and Science

    Halal Meat and Science

    2 years ago

    The article proves against the common belief that the religious way of slaughtering animals is painful to animals. It discusses the benefits of religious slaughter, being less painful to the animal on one hand and...

  • Limitations of IQ Test

    Limitations of IQ Test

    17 months ago

    The score of IQ test is considered as bible and people are graded according to their scores. which is more destructive than constructive. In this article, the writer discusses the limitations of IQ Test and lists some...

  • Basement Waterproofing in Pakistan

    Basement Waterproofing in Pakistan

    23 months ago

    This hub may work as a Working Manual for Basement Waterproofing in Pakistan and specially in Karachi. This article will prove to be very useful for anyone planning to construct a house with basement.

  • How to Treat Acute Lumbar Back Pain

    How to Treat Acute Lumbar Back Pain

    22 months ago

    The article discusses immediate line of action in case of acute lumbar back pain as well as changes in life-style to coupe with back problem.