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Hi. I'm Dr. Anne Helmenstine, scientist, author, and mom. I write and edit About.com's Chemistry Website, which covers general chemistry, science projects, crystals, elements, and other aspects of chemistry.

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  • Make a Beaded Necklace

    Make a Beaded Necklace

    3 years ago

    This beaded necklace looks intricate, but it is extremely easy to make. Although it looks luxe, the necklace is also inexpensive to make, since all you need are seed beads, thread and a beading needle. It is beaded...

  • Tuxedo Cat Names

    Tuxedo Cat Names

    12 months ago

    Tuxedo cats or black & white cats are very majestic cats. They are one of the most popular cats and one of the most beautiful. Picking a name for such an elegant cat can be tough. Here is a list of very nice names. ...

  • Eskimo and Inuit Names for Huskies and Other Dog Breeds

    Eskimo and Inuit Names for Huskies and Other Dog Breeds

    13 months ago

    Husky dogs are intelligent, friendly, affectionate, and athletic. Find a name that reflects your dog's personality and its breed's heritage. You'll find a wealth of names and their meanings here.

  • About Siberian Huskies

    About Siberian Huskies

    6 years ago

    Huskies are are majestic pets to have. Not only are they on the go to see you in their life but they are on the go in general! They are very active dogs and very beautiful dogs. Don't be fooled by their beauty though,...

  • Russian Beaded Earrings

    Russian Beaded Earrings

    6 years ago

    These beaded earrings are made using a stitch I first encountered in Russian and Ukrainian beading. The stitch itself is flat, but when you pull the beadwork together you get an elegant curved three-dimensional shape...

  • Beaded Waves Bracelet

    Beaded Waves Bracelet

    6 years ago

    This super-easy variation of the daisy chain thread path results in curves or waves. The pattern works up quickly and easily. You can make a bracelet (shown) or omit the clasp and use smaller beads to make a ring. ...

  • Beading Loom - Before You Buy

    Beading Loom - Before You Buy

    6 years ago

    You can make some stunning jewelry using beads and a beading loom, but there are so many different types of looms available that it can be confusing deciding which loom to use. Also, looms range from a few dollars to...

  • Make Pearl Earrings

    Make Pearl Earrings

    6 years ago

    Pearl earstuds are a classic fashion accessory, jewelry store staple, and a great gift idea. High quality materials and careful attention to technique will make the difference between heirloom treasures and earstuds...

  • Set a Heart Gemstone in a Prong Setting

    Set a Heart Gemstone in a Prong Setting

    6 years ago

    Do you have the perfect heart-shaped gemstone? If you have a setting you may want to set the stone yourself. If you are giving the heart as a gift, setting it yourself gives it a personal touch, plus it can save you a...

  • Make a Hemp Macrame and Bead Choker

    Make a Hemp Macrame and Bead Choker

    6 years ago

    Although the finished look of this hemp and bead choker is very intricate, the fishbone pattern is really quite simple to create. If you can tie a square knot, you can make this look. If you don't know how to tie a...

  • Make Your Own Hair Conditioner

    Make Your Own Hair Conditioner

    6 years ago

    I bet you have the ingredients for a great hair conditioner in your home right this minute! There are many natural products that can give your hair body and shine, detangle it, and help protect it from damage. The big...

  • Make Beaded Earrings Using the Coraling Technique

    Make Beaded Earrings Using the Coraling Technique

    6 years ago

    These lacy earrings look like coral or frost. The branched fringe or coraling beading technique is easy to do and yields stunning results. Once you master the stitch you can use it to make necklaces or to adorn...

  • Portuguese Man of War Sting First Aid

    Portuguese Man of War Sting First Aid

    6 years ago

    Where I live there are two main types of jellyfish. There is a jellyfish we call a jellyball or cabbagehead jellyfish, which can't sting, so you could actually play catch with it. Then there is the Portuguese Man of War...

  • Make Beaded Bobby Pins

    Make Beaded Bobby Pins

    6 years ago

    Make your own beaded bobby pins or barrettes. All it takes is a few beads, some wire, and the pins/barrettes to make bejeweled creations worthy of becoming heirlooms! Beaded bobby pins are great for weddings, formal...

  • Make Beaded Stars or Mandala

    Make Beaded Stars or Mandala

    6 years ago

    Beaded stars or mandalas make great pendants or earring or even holiday ornaments. You don't need any beading experience to create these jewels. Just get some beads, thread, and a needle and give this project a try! The...

  • How to Tell Real and Fake Pearls Apart

    How to Tell Real and Fake Pearls Apart

    6 months ago

    There are a lot of fake pearls on the market. This article helps you know which pearls are real and avoid getting cheated.

  • Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes

    Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes

    6 years ago

    Natural geodes are hollow rock formations that are filled with crystals. They occur in sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Though you may not be lucky enough to live or visit a place where you can find your own geodes, you...

  • Head Lice Treatments That Really Work

    Head Lice Treatments That Really Work

    6 years ago

    Your kids (and you) can get head lice no matter how often they wash and comb their hair. Once one family member has them, it's very easy for the whole family get infested. Chances are, your child will be barred from...

  • Top Crystals You Can Grow

    Top Crystals You Can Grow

    6 years ago

    It's fun to grow your own crystals. However, some crystals are easier and safer to grow than others. Here's my list of the top crystal growing projects, based on how easy and quick the crystals are to grow, how safe the...

  • How to Grow Crystals

    How to Grow Crystals

    5 years ago

    Anyone can grow their own crystals. It's fun, easy, and educational. You don't need to buy a kit or any unusual chemicals to grow great crystals. The only materials you need are ones you probably already have at home....