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I am retired from the "Travel Industry", my last job with the industry (Wyndom Vacation Resorts) resulted in myself and a crew of others including our managers being laid off.  This unexpected event, truly opened my eyes to many areas of work and life.    Of course, I look at this world very differently now than when I was a younger woman. I am  now a female with a "sales funnel rebuilt" attitude working for myself.

Today, I am a truly sympathetic and an emphathetic person who tries to find income systems to help people pay their rent/mortgage, put food on the table, pay utility bills, and have money left over for whatever their choice; whether vacation, tech products, or new car, etc.

 I give them a product to sell but of course more is involved in selling a product than what one might think.  It is more than just that "affiliate link" There are 9-10 steps involved to get that product moving to bring in income.   I usually refer those interested to this email address:  secrets@ezvib.com  Subject line:  Product and Steps

But, along my "way" in life, I've had opportunities to read good information and put to practice what could keep me waking up to a brand new beautiful day.  Beautiful because I learned something new which could empower me or help someone else. Therefore, I have learned that giving gives me the greatest joy in life.


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