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Extending success to those that are open to learning.

Introducing peace to those

that do not seem to have it.

At times abundance is so enjoyable.

Words are lovely, and they can do so much.

Open as a business in the street,

open as a business at wahlee.nz

open to forge ahead with unusually powerful health products at wahlee.4healthdirect.com

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  • Dynamic Displays for Cultural Events.

    Dynamic Displays for Cultural Events.

    2 months ago

    Fireworks displays are beautiful when sitting unlit, beautiful when potential dangers are known by any that handle them, and beautiful when different effects that they deliver can be named.

  • Getting Rid of Afternoon Lethargy

    Getting Rid of Afternoon Lethargy

    23 months ago

    Every afternoon between about 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM, millions of people start to feel sluggish and sleepy. Concentration on the job becomes more difficult and the desire to just lie down and take a nap is overwhelming. ...