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Hello. My name is Jennie Hennesay DBA The Bead Doodler. I'm interested in any kind of alternative healing and natural living. Hand crafting has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, so it's not surprising that beads captured my attention. I'm always looking for new things to do. Not too long after I taught myself to bead, I decided I needed to make patterns, just in case I wanted to repeat an item (like that's gonna happen!). And I decided to put the patterns up for sale. I continue to make beaded jewelry and if I think the item warrants it I make a pattern. You can find my patterns at The Beadcoop, Bead Patterns Boutique and Craftsy.   Enjoy browsing my lenses. If you'd like to contact me you can e mail me at thebeaddoodler@live.com

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  • Pondo African Circle Bead Stitch

    Pondo African Circle Bead Stitch

    16 months ago

    Pondo, also known as African Circle Stitch, is a modern modification of an ancient technique used by the Mpondo people of Africa. It is a sturdy stitch even though it is somewhat lacy and light. It forms a beautiful,...

  • Spirit Dolls

    Spirit Dolls

    22 months ago

    Spirit dolls, also called worry dolls, or prayer dolls are used by many cultures throughout the world. These can be bead embroidered on a fabric doll form or made from various other materials.

  • History of Beads

    History of Beads

    23 months ago

    The history of beads goes back to prehistoric times when shells, animal teeth and other natural objects were used as adornment or amulets thought to protect the wearer.