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Allan R. Wallace Trains Visionaries "I just might be wrong; but if you view change as a problem rather than an opportunity you'll always be too late. Visionaries and crackpots are always too soon and pay a price for their insight. We can accept that." Allan Wallace To open your mind You must allow doubt Try meeting advances of covert uncertainty With less than a hastily fortified redoubt Enjoy the freedom to explore everything That waits beyond ideologue canon shout For pretending to be sure Traps you within / truth safely without - Allan R. Wallace http://cyberhug.me

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  • Top Five Employee Recognition Gifts

    Top Five Employee Recognition Gifts

    3 years ago

    How we treat our employees influences how they treat our customers. Keeping good employees with good morale means we get to keep customers coming back for more product. That is a lot cheaper than finding new customers,...