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I have been writing on HubPages now for a little over a year and and a half and I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy writing about Society, Politics, History and Sports and whatever interests me. I am well read and have strong opinions on many subjects. I am enjoying myself. As of today I have 63 Hubs. I think I'm getting better. I'm not in it for the money. (not that i've made any) But if I make a few dollars in the process that would be ok!

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      • Trouble publishing HUB

        Trouble publishing HUB

        4 years ago

        I attempted to publish an informative Hub yesterday on Credit reports and credit scores. I have been told that the Hub was about 'payday loans" and the moderator says my hub has "deceptive title or capsule...

      • File DMCA claim for copied Hubs

        File DMCA claim for copied Hubs

        4 years ago

        I don't know if this is the place for this topic. If not let me know where I should take it.I was checking out the Google ranking tonight and I came upon a website that had at least 3 of my Hubs on it! To make matters...

      • What's the best way to review and revamp your Hubs?

        What's the best way to review and revamp your Hubs?

        4 years ago

        Tomorrow or Sunday i will publish my 53rd Hub. I try to publish at least one Hub a week. I'm thinking of taking a week off and working on improving my Hubs. I'm only getting an average of 50-80 pageviews a day. Is it...

      • Why is my income less for more pageviews?

        Why is my income less for more pageviews?

        4 years ago

        According to Google Analytics, I got 92 pageviews last Monday and earned .32. Yesterday  I got 161 pageviews and earned only .20. Why the discrepancy?

      • Upswing in page views when I link to StumbleUpon

        Upswing in page views when I link to StumbleUpon

        4 years ago

        When I publish, I normally link my new Hub to my StumbleUpon page. I've noticed from my Google Analytic page that I get a spike of 8-10 views and all of them come from New York City (no place else!). After about 5...

      • Unpublish then publish?

        Unpublish then publish?

        5 years ago

        I have found that publishing on Sat or Sunday morning gives my Hubs a good initial push. However last week I was up until 2:30 am and I accidentally published my Hub then. Since then it has suffered from very weak...

      • HubKarma and Creating links

        HubKarma and Creating links

        5 years ago

        2 QuestionsI have created links to other Hubs and my HubKarma Score is now 100. It seems that since I reached 100 the tool will not let me add anymore links. I have 3-4 Hubs that have no links to other Hubs on them. Is...

      • Gaining new followers

        Gaining new followers

        5 years ago

        I have been with HubPages 3 months and only have 28 followers. I have seen several people who have been members for only a few days and they have hundreds of followers, I've also seen people who click follow on a dozen...

      • Slideshow Views

        Slideshow Views

        5 years ago

        I have a new column in my stats today. It's "Slideshow Views". I had it for a few days last month but I got it back today, only one of my Hubs had a 190 views today, my total is only 210. Does this contribute...

      • Hub update

        Hub update

        5 years ago

        I wrote a Hub several weeks ago and there has been progress in the item I wrote about. I plan to write a Hub updating my original Hub. Is it OK to link to ny original Hub?

      • Hub Score and traffic.

        Hub Score and traffic.

        5 years ago

        How exactly are Hub scores figured? I looked into the Learning Center and the answer I got was vague. I have 8 Hubs and my highest score is 79 for one of my weakest Hubs, but my best performing Hub is a 72. (I'm basing...

      • Question about linking to a Hub

        Question about linking to a Hub

        5 years ago

        I wrote and published a Hub today. I used a book as research material, (I credited that in the hub) Is it ok to put a link to Amazon for this book on my Hub?

      • Posting Hubs

        Posting Hubs

        5 years ago

        I'm a Hubber who joined 2 weeks ago and has now posted 4 hubs. I have a question about the spacing of Hubs. Is it advisable to post Hubs together or seperate them by a few days. The reason I ask this is because I posted...