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I am a visual artist and art teacher. My passion is art in natur.
I like to inform about phenomenons of contemporary art, write pedagogical articles how to do and understant art - write also art critiques.

"Birch and star" is a well known old story. When you are disoriented without a compass, you can find you way by means of stars and seaching familiar tree...
I moved ten years ago from our largest city to a countryside town. I was drifted far away from my ‘home’, from nature. Today my dreaming tree stands in my garden, below it I can sit for hours at a time. Anyway, most of my time I spent with my computer. Internet is my second "home".
I have spent my chilhood in a farm. My favorite places was wild riverbank and shade on forest. Afrer that I studied art in a city. I lived there twenty years as artist, art teacher and working with group of environmental artist. Nowadays I am editor of artist running virtual gallery of environmental art. Art in nature and environmental art issues are close to me.

photo: I made this couch of straw by a riverside. It was lovely place for lovers to rest and listen sounds of a waterfall

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