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Biting Truth has studied Philosophy and Psychology. He is interested in a wide array of subjects like science, religion, politics, international affairs, and literature. He writes insight ful articles on various topics and treats the sensitive issues in an objective manner. His arguments are well supported by facts and expert opinions. Thus you can rely on his analysis. His ideas have always evoked debate and brought different point of views on the subject, enriching the readers experience and knowledge.   

His articles have been published in magazines and webzines and are read world wide. 

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  • Marijuana's effect on  brain

    Marijuana's effect on brain

    5 years ago

    Read this article about drug culture in America. How teenagers and young adults become addicts. How our brain functions and develops dependency. The most popular recreational drugs in America. How to stop smoking....

  • Is it bad to cry a lot : Men's mental health

    Is it bad to cry a lot : Men's mental health

    5 years ago

    Read the most interesting article about suffering and crying. If you are depressed or going through tough time in your life and you cry frequently than find out how it affects your mental health in long run and how to...