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I've done a lot of writing over my life time.  Poems, short stories, & journals; nothing published[except one Christmas poem in the area paper] but it's always something my dad and I shared and interest in.  I have a disc he did when he was alive of his "childhood years" and "early Navy years".  How much a like we were in the daredevil ways we did things.  So much so, that now when I ride my motorcycle, I take him with me on the journey by sharing all the scenery, smells, and the awesomeness of the wind in my face.  I know  he would have loved doing this, but honoring my mother's wishes, he never did.

By blogging, I can not only get my thoughts out there, I can also see if what I write is understood.  I've got a couple of small projects I'm working on and I hope to put them in print one day, even if it's just for family.

Live, Love, Laugh........for live is too short not to enjoy the good things.

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