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I come from Bristol and am male (hence the name!). Am interested in many aspects of green living and the environment with my specialist knowledge being in renewable energy leading to hubs such as renewable energy natural source of energy, and I also have an interest in making money online which leads to hubs such as my Valued Opinions Review.

I have a couple of blogs, one on the renewable energy industry in the UK and another on my online money making experiences.

I also write on the Google Adsense revenue sharing sites Infobarrel and Xomba. Follow me on Infobarrel here.

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      • No clicks on Adsense, despite thousands of impressions

        No clicks on Adsense, despite thousands of impressions

        4 years ago

        Hi all,Not been involved on Hubpages (or other such websites) for a long time as I have been too busy but was looking to come back.  I was just checking out traffic, earnings etc from various sources and notice...

      • UK Election

        UK Election

        7 years ago

        Sorry for non UK people who don't care but the results of the UK poll are just coming in and it is one of the closest polls in decades in which is expected that no party will get a majority.  Is anyone else...

      • Amazon MP3

        Amazon MP3

        7 years ago

        Hi all.  I have very recently signed up for Amazon and have already started to see results (well $3.23) in the last couple of days since setting up.  I can't seem to find a way of linking to Amazon MP3 - does...

      • New hubbers - stick with it and with time look what can happen!

        New hubbers - stick with it and with time look what can happen!

        7 years ago

        Not normally one for blowing my own trumpet but I have been away from Hubpages for a while due to personal commitments, however upon my return today I discover that I have broken through 100,000 page views and 300...

      • UK troops out of Afghanistan - What are your views?

        UK troops out of Afghanistan - What are your views?

        8 years ago

        With the news that a further 8 UK service personnel have died in Afghanistan in the last 24 hours it means that deaths in this war now exceed those due to the Iraq conflict.  As a result calls are increasing for...

      • Congratulations Bard of Ely

        Congratulations Bard of Ely

        8 years ago

        I just wanted to send congratualtions to The Bard of Ely.  His hubs have now been viewed 100,000 times.  Not only that but his hubs are well written and often extremely funny so well done!

      • Google targets Microsoft with a new operating system

        Google targets Microsoft with a new operating system

        8 years ago

        I am not sure how many people have seen the news and even how many people care, but it appears that Google is planning on launching an operating system.  Originally this will be just for netbooks but it may also be...

      • Slideshow view statistics

        Slideshow view statistics

        8 years ago

        My slideshow views seem to be all over the place.  They didn't update for a long time and now I have less than 200 views across all of my hubs, whereas I know that I previously had thousands of views for several of...

      • Comments


        8 years ago

        As soon as I post comments it always says posted 2 minutes ago and only gives me 3 minutes left to edit the comment.  Not sure if it just happens to me or whether it was a wider problem, just thought I would see if...

      • Most expensive game in the world.

        Most expensive game in the world.

        8 years ago

        Is anyone planning on watching the Championship Play-Off final today?  Good luck to both you Clarets and you Blades, show the rest of the world what the Championship is made of!  Last year sadly we didn't turn...

      • Wolfram Alpha

        Wolfram Alpha

        8 years ago

        Wolfram Alpha, the search engine that many people think will destroy Google, is now working.  At the moment though it only works scientific based questions really though.http://www.wolframalpha.com

      • Massive Adsense Earnings boost

        Massive Adsense Earnings boost

        6 years ago

        Is anyone else having a massive adsense earnings boost?I checked my earnings at about 6 and had very little, and yet now have much more in there.  In Adsense this accounts for about half my clicks and about a third...

      • Profile Page Views/Adsense Earnings

        Profile Page Views/Adsense Earnings

        8 years ago

        When first setting up Adsense I set my Hubpages profile page as one of the Channels which I tracked.  I have since noticed that the Adsense impressions from this are not insigninificant.  In addition, I have...

      • Yousaytoo has copied a hub of mine

        Yousaytoo has copied a hub of mine

        8 years ago

        Does anyone have any experience with the website YouSayToo?  How easy is it to get copied work taken off?  At the moment it is not showing as duplicate content in my hubpages account but I believe it is just a...

      • Amazing traffic

        Amazing traffic

        8 years ago

        I am very surprised this morning, but pleasantly so.  Have found that since I last checked my account about 15 hours ago I have had an awful lot of traffic, with almost 200 unique page views, whereas until the...

      • Photos


        8 years ago

        This is a very simple question, but not one which I can easily find the answer to so I thought I would check here.  If I wish to add a photo which is covered by a share and share alike creative commons licence how...

      • URL Trackers

        URL Trackers

        8 years ago

        I have a quick search through the forums and can't find an answer.  If a referral tracker is added into links on other websites, does this mean the hub won't get the backlink benefit?  Also I have spoken to a...

      • Google search

        Google search

        8 years ago

        The amount of traffic I was getting to my hub from Google for my hubs was increasing all the time up until a couple of days ago.  Since then I noticed that it was starting to reduce and so I searched on Google for...