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As a self-proclaimed blerd and lover of dang near everything 90s, be prepared to see rants, ravings, and general news pertaining to 90s cutlrural phenomenons, retro gaming, and the blerd experience. For more general gaming and entertainment news, see my site geekdepository.com. 

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  • Video Games: How Young Is Too Young

    Video Games: How Young Is Too Young

    9 months ago

    A few months back I saw an argument on Reddit (at least I think it was on Reddit) about whether small children should be allowed to play video games or not. The argument started when a site user posted a question asking...

  • Consoles  That Did It First

    Consoles That Did It First

    9 months ago

    Wireless controllers, internet access, and internal memory are all norms in modern gaming. But do we know how this came to be? Here are 10 consoles that did it first, but rarely get the recognition.